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I need to write a cover letter. Does anyone have any ideas how to write one?


I am applying for an office summer job doing paperwork and similar. I am about to finish my GCSE's so this will be my first proper job (i have however had a saturday job for 7 months now). I need help and advice writing a cover letter to go with my CV.

Does anyone know of any websites that would help? or any advice?

thanks :D

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    6 years ago
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    Be straight forward, clear and concise. Don't ramble on. Look at it from the employers point of view. They have hundreds of applications and really skim through the apps to cull the applications down to a short list. Don't underestimate any voluntary work you have done eg help coach a junior team, help sell goods in a canteen, anything you've achieved at school. All of these have skills that employers look for - you just have to point it out. A lot (not all) employers prefer an employee who may nit have the credentials but is easily trained, reliable and would "fit in" with existing staff.

    Start with.... I am applying for the position of.... as advertised in........ on (insert date)

    I have experience with. ......... (in here add what you have done - include Saturday job and voluntary work. But word it such as: liaising with parents and officials whilst coaching junior football)

    I have excellent communication skills, am a reliable worker and am more than willing to learn new skills.

    I have attached my cv for your perusal and can be contacted on........

    I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss my application with you. Or...... I look forward to discussing my application with you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sign your name here

    Print name underneath

    Source(s): Employment/HR industry - 12 years
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