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Why do 99% of Christians deny christ's 3 days and 3 nights in the grave?

Satan is giggling his head of right now i bet.


Satna loves his Friday crucifixion and Sunday resurrection.

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  • Lou G
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    7 years ago
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    Have you ever tried to understand the passion of Christ and have you compared it to events in the human body and creation to see what it could refer to. No?

    Then let us go the way together. Day 1, crucifixion, Day 3 resurrection, day 13 ascent to heaven is done, day 49, Pentecost, that are the first 2 full days, then come 6 days and 1 rest day in Genesis, and the world is created. From day 3, you have 33 days to go to enter Genesis, and the 7 days added makes the 40 days and 40 nights, Jesu's Christ, spends in the desert.

    Now lets us first start at the beginning of exodus to explain you some details. The story plays between 2 countries, Upper and lower Egypt, and here, those 2 countries need to unite to become one dynasty. The name DYN refers to the sphere of Mars in the tree of life of Kabbalah and is a symbol of the human as a battle star, the GOD Mars. Lower Egypt is fertile Land, grass, trees, one big tree, power. This is a simple symbol of the male human, the Upper Egypt is desert, no vegetation, just an oasis, and the Nile delta, that is our female counterpart, and in this desert we spend 40 days and 40 nights when the day 1, Friday has come. (Freya is Goddess of fertility, so Friday means day of the woman, in German, Frauentag). Nordic myth was there before the Christian myth became.

    Now let's unite the lower and upper Egypt in crossbreed and crucify our penis, Taurus and Aries, bridged balls and standing dick, thus pontius and pillatus, simply Jesu, and he will set free that people of Israel, the Christian Nation, that will go the way of exodus through Aquarius, vaginal tract, entering Virgo, the vagina, to the holy land, our uterus inside the desert. Day 1 SEX, the Israelites go the way and encounter holocaust in the fallopian tubes, Scorpio, the crown of thorns, 1 survives and dies in the fish, Pisces, the ovary, day 3 egg is fertilized and is ejected, resurrection, day 13, ascent to heaven is done, egg docks on in the head of uterus, in Libra, the big arch of the fallopian tubes, the great arch of Noah. From resurrection it is 33 days to build the fetus, and then we spend 7 days in Genesis, that are the 40 days and 40 nights we have to go for. Now, on day 49, we are at Pentecost, Pente means "Hang", cost means "on the edge", so we hang head down on the edge. On day 50 we enter Genesis, and here the placenta, our womb, the big flood will become under the arch of Noah, and in 6 days, our fetus will become mortal human. it takes 33 weeks to build the 33 vertebrae, 206 bones and 42 vital organs, the 33 years of Christ life. One more day to go, and St John, the head of the uterus, Scorpio in Zodiac will break the flood and baptize the Christ child as Moses into the river of life. Easter Friday, you play with eggs and rabbit holes, and at Christmas you are father. Congrats, you just built the world in 9 full days. Scorpio is the eagle, and mortal is in Greek patmos, that is why St John is the Eagle of Patmos. What makes you go this way and crucify Jesu, is Sagittarius, Cupidon, AMOR/ROMA, Love, the empire of Rome. What powers you is Gemini, male/female, and Leo, San Marco, the lion of Zion, sexual fire of Kundalini. Beware of Capricorn the black horny goat, the devil, Nero, since it can destroy Rome in the fire of decadence. Jesu will get betrayed by the libido and dies, hangs itself over 2 nuts, retracts as Cancer, Judas, this ugly hunchback, the pee thing.

    Satan is the mirrored word from the word Natas, what means in Latin, "you get born", into the hell of material world. Our fiesta of Christ birth is at X-Mas, and our symbol of that birth is Santa, one more anagram of Satan. Kabbalah is a game of symbolism, symbolic metaphors, letter symbols and numeric values, mirrored words, chop and mix in words and text, and only those who know how to read and disassemble the text and reassemble it the way it should be, can read it.

    Religion sucks!!!!! ........ your money

  • P.L.
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    7 years ago

    True Christians do not deny the crucifixion and resurrection. I'm not sure to whom you refer but it is fact that many who attend church regularly are not Christians (even though they sincerely believe that they are).

    If Jesus was crucified (which I believe He was) on a Friday and the grave was found empty on a Sunday that makes 2 nights in the grave. The whole event was spread over 3 days Friday, Saturday and Sunday but that is TWO nights. The bible does not use the term 'three days later' it says 'on the THIRD DAY'.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Jesus Himself said there would be NO other sign given except that

    He would be in the grave for 3 days and 3 nights, and He also

    spoke about it being the same as Jonah who resided the full time.

    I think it might have been the error of not knowing about the

    2 high days that year which put the time back further.

    Researchers have found this, and then shown that Jesus

    ends up lining up even with the prophecy in Daniel...

    where Messiah is cut off in mid-week ...which will ALSO

    be done with the a multiple prophecy.

    Somehow this information got lost.


  • Melody
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    7 years ago

    He was crucified on Friday, actually died at 3 PM and rose very early on Sunday morning, but from the time he was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, he was in a type of hell or grave. The hell had already started.

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  • Jesus did not go to the grave. He went to Sheol. He actually went to both parts of Sheol. He announced His victory (not preached as many falsely believe), to those in the bad part and visited those in the good part (Abraham's Bosom / paradise). He told the thief on the cross "today you will be with me in paradise". If Jesus was to have meant the grave, the thief already knew that he was going there, it wouldnt of been any news.

  • Paul B
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    7 years ago


    I've got this really disturbing image of a jolly fat guy with horns and hooves...

  • God's definition of night and day are different than man's currently. God's definition is in Genesis 1.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Ahhhhh "Skunky" has finally admitted he's "really" an atheist (in the past Skunky was always "pretending" to be a Christian fundie).

  • 7 years ago

    You premise is wrong.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Because it never happened!?

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