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Spain visa requirements for spouse of UK citizen.?

I am getting confused with the information regarding the Spain visa for spouses of UK citizens. There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet!

I am from the UK, my wife is Vietnamese. Please could someone clarify the requirements for her to get a tourist / family visa?

According to this website: the process is a lot simpler when married to an EU citizen.



Hi luddite. Sorry, I should have been clearer... I am a UK citizen living with my (Vietnamese) wife in Vietnam. We would like to visit Spain as my parents have an apartment there.

Update 2:

I know I don't need a visa as a EU citizen, was just confused about the requirements for my wife.

I contacted the Spanish embassy in Ha Noi and it turns out she just needs to submit our marriage certificate, copy of my passport, flight reservation, etc. She doesn't need to submit banks statements or anything like that.

It's a lot easier than the process for the UK visa she had last year.

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  • Sthlm
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    6 years ago
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    As the citizen of one EU (or other EEA) member state (the UK) visiting another member state (Spain) you excercise you right of free movement. With this comes the right for your spouse (under certain conditions) to travel with you or to join you. This simplifies the visa procedure and also precludes any application fee.

    When travelling to the member state of which you are a citizen (the UK), you do not make use of any EU right and your spouse is not covered by any free movement, allowing a more onerous and expensive visa application.

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  • 6 years ago

    Your wife will need a Spanish Visa, you do not need Visas as you are an EU member country citizen.

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