What's wrong with my baby?

My baby is 12 days old and she's premature . She has been constipated lately :( I feed her breast milk with formula because she needs to gain weight. I feed her every 3 hours and I feed her about 50-40 mml ... I think I'm over feeding her sometimes but at the same time I want her to gain weight cause she weights 4.9 pounds. What do y'all think it's causing her not to poop?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Please consult your pediatrician, and always consult them when you have concerns! However, not pooping is not an indicator of health - bowel movements are designed to remove unnecessary waste from the human body. As infants, there is little 'unnecessary' waste to be disposed and they often hold on to incoming nutrition and utilize it until their body deems it unnecessary which may take several days.

    Your child being hydrated is extremely important - so long as you are getting wet diapers several times a day - upwards of 8 - there is no great concern.

    Feed your child based on her desire and want. At this point, don't worry about 'overfeeding' since there is practically no such thing at this early stage.

    Glad you are taking all of this so seriously, and rest assured that your concerns are not silly or unfounded. Hang in there momma!

  • 6 years ago

    Formula can be hard on a baby's stomach as well as to a premature one. The best bet is to talk to her pediatrician and to make sure that she is having wet diapers. No question is a dumb one though. Good luck!

  • 6 years ago

    i think asking a doctor is a better way of finding out, just saying

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