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Queer Dystopian Scifi?

I just read Divergent by Veronica Roth, which I rather liked. However, apparently in the future or whatever only cishet people exist.

I love dystopian future stories but it'd be pretty rad to actually be able to read one that even just mentions queer people in passing or something. Are there any good books out there like this?

Extra bonus points if there is representation of religion that isn't Christian or vaguely Christian. Nothing against Christianity but same stuff all the time gets a bit bland?

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    Half way home, not sure if it would be called dystopian or not but it is scifi in the future and a messed up partial society. The info about the story doesnt mention it but sexuality is part of the story (read the reviews).

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    Whatever you do, don't read Divergent. Tris dies in the last book and the series is horribly ended. Not worth the money. Read the Fifth Wave instead. Divergent has a crap ending to the series.

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