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about sampling in the USA?

I'm working at sales promotion company in Japan.I'm also Japanese.

I want to know about the USA law.If we distribute the Japanese snack in the USA for free like sampling promotion,I must apply somewhere?

Thanks for reading and sorry about some writhing mistake.


That product is already sold in US.

Question is we need any application for sampling promotion in your country?

If we want to do that promotion in japan,We have to apply for the police

station and "HOKENJO"this is Japanese organization which is like FDA.

Any one knows about that rule in the USA?

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    I think that any food that is going to be distributed is expected to follow local laws. Check with the FDA .

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    Hello;I belong to the Hsi history of science and would like to say we do have many rules mainly has to do with losing money so if you come here and sell you product we will have o accept it by looking it over 1st and deciding if it is real or will cost us money; The Hsi has many medicines that help people and alot have been turned away because it would hurt americas pharmacies and doctors to have people from over seas come up with a good substance that would help alot of people live healthy lives I wish they would let them come to america some are good one saved my daughters life she had cancer and sour sop saved her life so you have a product that that might sell here we might even like it don"t mean the USA will accept it sorry;[ rainy]

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