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Can dual military couples not collocated each with dependents receive with dependent rate BAH?

My husband and I are both active duty E-6s not stationed together. We have a child together and he has a child he has 50% of the time and pays child support for the other half. Can we both receive with dependent rate BAH?

If so, can someone tell me where I can find the yes answer in black in white? Thanks in advance!

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    Joint Federal Travel Regulation, Volume 1

    JFTR, V.1

    You can google it, download, it and find out every possible version you can think of in BAH situations.

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  • 7 years ago

    no, someone ask this very question two days ago

    by regulation, only one spouse in a dual military marriage with children can be paid BAH at the with dependents rate

    even if both spouses are at different duty stations and both have children living with them

    they quoted the exact regulation and passage on the answer

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    As I have already said before, hubby gets BAH-diff which is nothing more than a child support payment, he will never see and it goes directly to his ex.

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