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How to get over this guy?

About a month and a half ago, the hottest guy at my school named Josh started talking to me. (I'm a freshman and he's a sophomore). At first, he was really sweet and told me that I was the hottest girl at the school and we began to flirt over text all day everyday. He hinted to me a few times that he wanted hook up with me so we ended up hooking up during Thanksgiving break, a couple days after he first talked to me. It was my first hook up ever and honestly it was the best moment of my life. I had never felt so wild and free, he was an amazing kisser and also he didn't pressure me to do anything I wasn't ready for. We basically just made out and I let him feel me up, but that was it. Anyways, after we hooked up he still texted me and was really sweet and flirty, I actually thought he was interested in me. I was so stupid to think this because so many people told me that he was a player and also he and his ex girlfriend were f*****g at the same time he was talking to me. I didn't find out about this until after the break. Literally everyday at school his ex was all over him. They were always with each other but Josh kept on talking to me, saying we should "hang out" again. His ex girlfriend, Claire is literally in love with Josh and she'd legit punch any girl who would talk to him. Everyone kept on telling me to stop talking to Josh unless I wanted to get beat up by Claire but i didn't listen to them and for some reason I was still into Josh even though I knew about him and Claire. But eventually, Claire found out about our hookup and she got so pissed that she slapped Josh. Josh texted me that day saying she found out and that if she asked me I should lie about it because he didn't want drama between us and it was also her last week in school because she was moving to Ohio so he thought she might try to pull something on me. He also told me that Claire was crazy and that she'd probably try calling me or texting me asking about the hookup. Sure enough she called me, and I did what I was told and lied saying we didn't hook up. She believed me and Josh thanked me and said that he'd make it up to me. He also said that he was glad Claire was moving and that he just wanted to be friends with her but he couldn't because she was so controlling. After this happened, the next week (her last week of school), he stopped talking to me. I even saw them making out by the lockers it was so disgusting. Over winter break though, he texted me again (even though Claire was still in town) and we began flirting with each other and saying that we should hang out again. Like his exact words were, "We will hang out, no questions asked." I know I should hate him for what he did to me but something about him just made me want him so bad! (I guess his looks really help, like he's the hottest guy I know). Anyways on New Year's Eve, he texted me at around noon saying "what are your plans tonight?" and I thought he wanted to hook up with me so i was like "I don't really have any plans tonight!" Then he's like "You need to party!" Then I said "I'd be down to party! What are you doing tonight?" And he never responded...The next day I found out that he had a party at his house and about 60 people came including Claire. People also told me that they were getting back together but I didn't believe that because she was moving...Anyways, a couple days after the party I texted him saying "Heyy" and he never responded. After that, Claire posted a picture of her and Josh kissing on instagram saying "Gonna miss him so much" And on the last night before leaving, she and Josh were together and he even sent me a snapchat of them saying "Gonna miss her so much." This was probably the meanest thing a guy has ever done to me. Also, my friend told me that she heard that Josh was in love with Claire and that he even wanted to marry her, but I thought this was unlikely because he hooked up with me at the same time he had a "thing" or whatever with Claire, and also when they were together he cheated on her twice! Anyways, she left last week and Josh still hasn't talked to me since New Year's Eve. Also, to make him mad I hooked up with his best friend a couple of days ago and I regret it so much. I thought for sure he'd want me even more but I guess he's done using me. I don't know why but I'm still obsessed with Josh and I honestly can't stop thinking about him. It's so pathetic, I know but I don't know how to get over him!! I am a complete and total wreck, I've been crying a lot lately over him, and I know I shouldn't because he's a complete asshole but I just can't help it. I really really liked him.

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    This is hard but bring hate to your heart. It's the ONLY way I got rid of my crush. Think of one ting he does that makes you mad and get really mad over it. Think that maybe he is a pervert and if he comes by just be like" Im too good for you." When I had a mad crush, I stared at his umm.... down there part and we CAUGHT ME! AHHH IT WAS GR.5 IDK WHY I WAS DOING THAT! Then he started to act weird... Now, I still like him but I found a horrible thign about him- He was a down right PERVERT! I thought if we got married he would be pervy all day and imagine our lives. SO I GOT MY FIST ON THE TABLE AND SHOUTED YOLO! And I got back in to business as a normal swagger person calling people dudes all the time and thats how I got over it. Whenever you see him in the eyes, let anger get over you and get so much anger that it make you wanna punch him but don't.

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