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Is statistics hard? Is it easy online?

I'm a junior in high school but I want to graduate early(at the end of this year) The upcoming semester I will be taking algebra 2, ap English and US history,and biology. I need another math credit in order to graduate this year and I am planning to take statistics online.

I was wondering is statistics easily self taught and would be easy online or would it be easier to take pre calculus online? Those are the two options I have to graduate early.

Extra info: 99 in Algebra 1 and 95 in geometry

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  • 6 years ago
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    I would not recommend taking Statistics online if this is your first introduction to the subject. A classroom instructor is preferred since the topics will be very different from Algebra and Geometry. The math in Statistics is not difficult (Algebra I level), but you will encounter mostly word problems which can be challenging for an online course.

    You will find Pre-Calculus to be very similar to Algebra II, so not as challenging but a safer choice if you want to keep your grades up.

    Hope that helps

    Statistics Tutor

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  • Pamela
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    4 years ago

    Intro stats? No. I can't see how to prevent cheating unless you made kids come in to a designated place that was properly proctored for exams.

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