Can you put legs on a modern box spring?

This may sound like a dumb question, but....

Back when I was a kid and teenager, beds with box springs were much heavier -- the box spring was more solidly constructed and built with heavier wood. And typically people screwed legs into the box spring frame.

A few years ago, I bought a queen-sized bed with box spring, and did what most people do -- I got a metal bed frame to put the box spring on. The metal frame is no longer a good idea, because I live in a very old house with untreated wood floors, and the plastic wheels would leave impressions on the floor (I want to remove the carpet now under the bed).

Can I screw legs into the box frame, as they used to do back in the day? If so, do I need to be careful of anything? OR, is it just a good idea to keep the metal frame and find another solution RE the floor? Any comments and suggestions appreciated.


Karen, the problem for me with that solution, is that you then cannot move the bed -- you would have to remove those cups and then roll the bed, which would damage my floor. Having legs, with felt pads would prevent this. Also, it is not just the hard plastic rollers that threaten to damage my floor, but also the locks on the wheels, which are too close to the floor, and I am sure could scar the wood.

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    You can get little things to put under the bed wheels to protect the floor, little cups. They used to be made of glass; I think they're plastic now. Any store that sells hardware ought to have them and probably stores that sell beds. Okay, just looked them up. They're called castor cups. Much cheaper than buying a whole new bed frame or putting legs on a box spring.

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    Box Spring Legs

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    We built a bed last year including making a new frame system and foam "box spring" (support layers). here's what we did and it included new supports under the frame.

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