Has anyone ever seen Orphan Black? And is anyone else mad that Tatiana Maslany didn't win the Golden Globe?

This about the only show I have watched all the episodes and most love, like seriously her acting gives me the freaking chills, especially since she was able to portray seven different characters, she makes it seem so effortless and like there are literally that many hers, nobody that I know could've done it as well. She completely deserved that award, on the bright side my bias Jennifer Lawrence won, and I completely ship the fact that she's back with Nicholas Hoult, but that's completely beside the point, Tatiana Maslany deserved the award for best actress in a drama , who agrees with me?

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    I know she is so brilliant in the show but I think the only reason she didn't won because she is new in the industry. Give her some time.

  • Mary
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    7 years ago

    Yeah I've seen every episode and have such a crush on the whole show. And an even bigger crush on Tatiana. It's scary I could probably get locked up. lol. I was disappointed when she didn't win. She was the best actress out of all those women. But if it's any consolation she probably knows that she did deserve it and a lot of people are saying that she should've won. I think I'd rather be in her shoes than in Robin Wright's even though Robin won. Tat will eventually get the recognition she deserves in the form of awards. Orphan Black is like her break through role and they've only had one season. Patience :)

  • 7 years ago

    I dont think they were in the same category. Jennifer won for a movie, not a TV show

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