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what is the comparision of customers satisfaction between mcD and Burger King?HELP!?

i got this project and actually i didn't get much information. can you give some of the opinion? i mean based on your experience. which one is better and which one you think more satisfy (the service given).

you can give the complain about their service as well(about what you don't satisfy).


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    My wife and I frequent both BK and Mc-D's for different reasons . . . . McD's is usually quicker to get the food to you because 90% of it is ready made, so all they have to do is slap it on a bun and give it some condiments. Fries are OK but sit awhile and are salted and usually a bit cold unless you're lucky enough to get yours from a fresh batch. Cheap and greasy, they have the best coffee outside of Dun-kin Donuts.

    BK, is a bit slower but have a much better selection and they do not salt everything and the food is higher quality and fresher and it's flame cooked not greasy. You get what ya pay for. The ambiance is much better than McD's, your not irritated by noisy kids ridiculous piped in music. Their packaging and service of the food is the best of fast foods. Servers are usually better trained and last longer on the job.

    Steak & Shake has the best of everything except the seating arrangement. Waite staff is top notch and prices are good but not cheap like McD's. Food is top quality and service is superb, but sorta slow cuz they cook to order not ready made. Have the best of variety and taste is excellent.

    Worst fast foods is Taco Bell, Long John Silvers and White Castle. White Castle is in a category all it's own and over priced with absolutely NO Service whatsoever and it's no longer a cheap place to eat. Quality of food is very questionable, ya wonder what is this I'm eating . . . . . and why . . . . you need a healthy gall bladder to eat there, nothing there is cheap or fairly priced.

    If you really want good fast foods frequent your local neighborhood joints, 90% of the time they have the highest of quality, reasonable prices and the best of friendly service. That's what they strive for, something you wont get at the major franchise joints . . . . those people could care less if you come back. Locals depend on repeat business, the corporations are designed for you to eat it and beat it and get the next customer and his money.

    Locals build on high quality, friendly personal service and the most reasonable prices for what you get. They will remember your name and put a smile on their face and make ya feel welcome. Spend your money where it does the most good and ya see the results. The franchise joints do not spend money locally with the exception of the lowly employee who lives in the neighborhood. Their money is transferred from the local bank to a distant bank so you can't learn how much is being kept local.

    Source(s): 45 years a bar/restaurant owner/operator . . . .
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    Having eaten at McDonald's and Burger King for years, in different states including all times of the day - the overall winner is McDonald's. Burger King has some of the worst customer service I have ever seen in any chain restaurant in the United States. Additionally most of their restaurants are dirty and their employees don't even look clean. McDonald's is hit or miss but overall a good choice. Remember this - Burger King used to be number 2 in fast food and held that title for years with a very close run at tying with McDonald's. But because they have bad service, dirty establishments, and so-so food they lost their rating to Wendy's who overtook them with very little effort. McDonald's has been number one for decades and will most likely always hold that spot. There's a reason for that.

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    There was a survey done about three to seven months ago which compared customer satisfaction at fast food places. You will have to google it. McDonalds was the worst, and BK was also near the bottom. In And Out was second best.

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    McDonalds is probably the best because in my town they have a higher look when hiring people. The people at Burger King are more disgusting people and do not care about anyone. They are there for the paycheck and that is it.

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    Personally I think Burger King is better. Mcdonalds is cheap and fills you up but not for long. Burger King has bigger portions and there is more meat in the burgers. You will feel full for much longer although the price is slightly higher.

    Burger King is better. They ask more questions to ensure they make the food just how you want it. They do not salt their chips and offer larger portions meaning there is better value for money.

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    I look at how the employees are dressed-BK males pants down to their knees and women have many rings in their noses. BK greasy uniforms and smelly cashiers. McD employees always dressed very professional.

    I eat at neither but youngums likes the MCD

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