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Some good shooter game suggestions? (10 Points)?

I want some good shooter game that can be played by people aged above 10. I want popular games lik COD and stuff but COD is not for 10+

10 points who gives me most game and also on how good thay are.

P.S. I want games mostly for Xbox 360.

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    Good Shooters for over 10's.... That's quite difficult with the idea of shooters being a pick up and play genre that are supposed to be easy to get into. Here's a few that might be worth checking out though:

    1. the GRAW (Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter) series, these are pretty tactical so scares most kids off as it requires some thought to get into and isn't your typical run and gun

    2. Ghost Recon Future Solider, the GRAW Series sequel, not as tactical as GRAW but still not a lot of kids.

    3. FEAR (First Encounter Assault & Recon) Series, not sure how popular it is but not encountered many kids on it either, the solo play is extremely enjoyable

    4. Battlefield 2: Bad Company, I can't speak for the rest of the series as I haven't played them, some tactics involved, not a lot of kid players.

    Source(s): I've played all of the above and would recommend 1, 2 and 4 to anyone who's after more then just a run and gun
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