Who currently occupies East Jerusalem? Israel or Palestine?

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  • Shay p
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    6 years ago
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    East Jerusalem or Eastern Jerusalem refers to the parts of Jerusalem captured and annexed by Jordan after the 1948 Arab–Israeli War and then recaptured by us during the 1967 War, and later re annexed by us. So it's in Israel same as it has been since Biblical times.

    We again possess our entire capitol and maintain control over that part of the city by reoccupying it...

  • 6 years ago

    The unified city of Jerusalem is currently the capital of the state of Israel.

  • 6 years ago

    It is occupied by both Israelis and Palestinians and is called both Israel and Palestine .

    Some hate each other, some live in harmony, some want the other gone and some cherish the diversity.

    Some have problems with their own sides injustices and hard line politics and some want war.

    That is who occupies east and west Jerusalem

  • Kevin7
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    6 years ago

    All of Jerusalem belongs to Israel alone

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  • Flower
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    6 years ago

    All of the West Bank is occupied by the Israelis. There are roads that only Jews can travel on. There are 500 checkpoints in the W. Bank. You need a permit to travel if you are an Arab. There is no sovereign state of Palestine.

    I was watching a TV report about a Palestinian who was all set to study at a university in Cairo, he was on his way there, had documentation from the college, but was stopped at the Israeli border and turned back to the West Bank.

  • 6 years ago

    The UN, the Red Cross and the United States along with all other countries of the world regard the entirety of Jerusalem to be illegally occupied by a hostile force.

    The entity occupying the holy city calls itself Israel - unilaterally.

    Genetic science is so unkind to the occupier.

  • TNO
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    6 years ago

    Currently it's under Israeli jurisdiction.

    It's occupants can be said to be from either, I guess, but Israel is the one who controls it at this moment.

  • Robert
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    6 years ago

    Hello Kat,

    "East" Jerusalem is part of Jerusalem which is the capital of the State of Israel. Israel does not "occupy" the eastern part since it is also Israel's ancient capital. Why else would the ruins of the Jewish Temple be on the "Temple" mount.

    In order to better understand this matter, please consider the following:

    The last "indigenous" state (meaning run by the natives rather than by a foreign power) that comprised the area now called Israel and Palestine, before the formation of the State of Israel, was the Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea with its capital at Jerusalem (now referred to as

    “East Jerusalem” also “the Old City”).

    You can view the position of the Jewish Kingdom of Judea, here:


    You can read how the Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea

    re-gained its independence from the Greek Seleucid empire, by viewing the following two sources (for best viewing use the download option):

    Extract from “Josephus - “Antiquities of the Jews”, Book 13, part of Paragraph 11 of Chapter 5, to end of Chapter 7.

    (PDF file comprising introduction and then one paragraph to each page, total 16 pages):


    Extract from “1 Maccabees”, Chapters 14 to 16 inclusive.

    (PDF file comprising introduction and then 10 verses to each page, total 13 pages):


    You can view coins from the Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea, here:


    This came to an end because of a Roman invasion and most, but not all, Jews were expelled to many places including Europe.

    Apparently the Palestinians deal with this by denying that there ever was a Kingdom of Judea.

    The Jews of that Judean kingdom are referred to in the Koran as “the People of the Book"; "Book" meaning the Bible.

    The Holocaust speeded up the Return by the Jews to their homeland, which had already been underway before the second world war.

    Today, the Arab peoples deal with this Return of the Jewish people, by apparently denying that the Jewish people are “the People of the Book" of the Koran. So while millions of Jewish men, women, and children were murdered by the Nazis for being Jewish, the Palestinians allege that the Jewish people are not the Jewish people, and so claim that they are foreign invaders!

    Consequently, the Jews are the only people in this world who are perversely accused of having "stolen" their own homeland, meaning Israel.

    When the Jews restored their state as the "State of Israel" in 1948 (being a small area about the size that Wales is in the U.K.), this was authorised under the United Nations “Partition Plan” which separated the land between Jewish and Arab areas.

    The surrounding Arab countries attacked the new Jewish state, but lost the war.

    Arab people were living in Palestine when the Jewish state was restored as the State of Israel, and many Palestinians became war refugees (as did many Jews from Arab countries). These refugees had owned homes there, but home ownership is not proof of entitlement to the sovereignty of the land in which you live.

    The Palestinians claim Israel expelled them. Not only is this untrue, but Palestinians live in Israel, and also Israel offers them citizenship. Most Palestinians refuse this citizenship because they believe Israel should not exist.

    The Palestinians have expelled the Jewish people from all areas under Palestinian control.

    Currently the Palestinians have two areas which they run themselves with their own military and police, but they do not yet have the full status of an independent sovereign state because Israel first wishes a peace treaty with them.

    Consequently, Palestinians describe the Palestinian controlled areas as "occupied" by Israel. However, Palestinians do also describe the State of Israel itself as "occupied", as they claim it as Palestinian land. This is because they refuse the Jewish people the right to have their own homeland.

    Although the Palestinians believe they have the right to a homeland, yet at the same time they also wish to deny that same right to the Jewish people.

    Israel is accused of being in breach of United Nations resolutions. While there is just one Israel, there are many Muslim and Arab countries. So, with each member country having one vote you may not find it surprising that there have been many anti-Israel United Nations resolutions passed. The Palestinians are in breach of the United Nations resolution which set up Israel, since the Palestinians refuse Israel’s right to exist.

    You can read about the United Nations Partition Plan, here:


    The two-state solution would in my personal view seem appropriate. Two peoples living as good neighbours, peacefully co-operating, giving and learning from each other; making certain the children of both peoples should never know the horror of conflict.

    If you look back in history England and France used to be enemies at one time, and it went on for very many years, until at last they realised the stupidity of it, and no doubt of all those lost years when they missed out on being friends.

    I hope this helps.



    Source(s): Please see the sources linked above.
  • Sal J
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    6 years ago

    Israeli Arabs mostly. There's no such thing as Palestine.

  • K2010
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    6 years ago



    BTW, there is no such country on a map as Palestine

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