SSD and operating systems?

Hello I'm about to buy an SSD and it's going to serve as a master drive. The only thing I'm putting on it is windows 8.1, basically the read and write speed is really good and from reviews increase booting however it had low 4kb read and write. My question is do I have to have good 4kb read and write if my SSD is only going to have my operating system on it??

Note: the read and write is good but the 4kb read write isn't - incase it wasn't clear

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  • 7 years ago
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    overall, SSD performance increasesare hard to measure. the huge amoun of data that hard drives process means that there is always a wide array of data types. overall, SSDs will always be better than HDDs and the performance will be great everywhere.

    Windows 8 is great for SSDs because a lot of the optimization is automatically done. There are many guides online on how to optimize your performance on your system for speed and longevity, be sure to follow them very well and you'll have no problems at all with your SSD.

    TL DR: whatever you do on an SSD, there will always use of >4kb and <4kb. the performance increase will always be better with an SSD.

    check out this forum post for more info on the subject.

  • Ti
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    7 years ago

    what 4kb are you referring to?

    Are you trying to describe the Allocation Unit Size on the NTFS Partition?

    SSD are outstanding, it would make any operating system run fantastic!

    Just make sure you Never de-fragment the SSD at all, like you might have your HDD in the past and everything should be fine!

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  • WayneH
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    7 years ago

    I run SSDs on three of my computers, two desktops and a laptop. The speed is great compared to an HDD. Before the swap my main PC would boot in about two minutes. With the SSD it boots in 30 seconds or so. MS Word opens instantly.

    Don't worry about read/write nor try to analyze the specs. SSDs are fast and that's all that matters. Mine are Intel.

  • 7 years ago

    hell get it and forget about anything else :D super fast

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