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what gage wire is black with a white stripe?

I have a 1994 ford f150 4.9 mfi automatic 2wd 2 door single gas tank rear after axel.

One of the wires coming from the engine that leads to the fuel pump needs to be cut and but connected.

My question is instead of going to the junk yard & spending all day with hunting & bus travel,what gage wire is the one with a black wire with a white stripe?

Their R 4 wires 1black-1red-1yellow with black stripe-1black with white stripe.

Is it copper or copper coated or does it matter?

These R the wires that connect to the fuel pump.

thanks for any help.GOD bless.

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  • E
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    6 years ago
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    It is copper stranded wire [as opposed to solid copper wire] and could be either 12 or 14 gauge. They sell automotive wire at places like Pep Boys, Auto Zone and probably the Depot type stores. You wire is referred to as black/white indicating the wire is black w/white stripe. The yellow would be referred to as yellow/black, the first color indicting the predominant color. I doubt you will find exactly what you want so the correct guage all black will do just fine. Since you are presumably using a short length anyone working on it in the future will see the splice and figure it out. So cut a piece of the wire, go to the store and use it to match your new piece. They generally sell it off a bulk roll priced by the foot.

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  • 6 years ago

    Can't imagine why you would want to cut a wire leading to or from your fuel pump, but in any case, the color of the coating does not determine the gauge (not "gage") of the wire.

    And why would you need to go to a junkyard? Since you appear determined to replace it, just take the old one off, take it into a hardware or electrical supplier, and get another piece. Doesn't matter what colour it is. And no, it doesn't matter if it's copper or copper-coated.

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  • Dan
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    6 years ago

    I can't tell you exactly, but if they run the fuel pump, you better believe they are of higher quality gauge. I have this tool in the shop that clamps around the wire and instantly tells you the gauge, consider buying one, it was about 30 dollars, or since the wire needs to be cut anyway, cut it now and measure its core with a wire stripper, 12 gauge wire measures .100 to .09 of an inch (core).

    Source(s): 13 year owner of a customizing shop.
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  • 6 years ago

    Jesus....wires can be any gauge. The color doesn't matter. I've never seen a vehicle need the fuel pump wire cut to begin with! Perhaps you should cut a short inch off the wire and go to the hardware store and ask a fella there to help you match it up.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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  • 6 years ago

    Wire gauge is not determined by the color. You could cut a piece of the old wiring out and bring it to an auto parts store and compare it to the gauges on the shelf. Most automotive wiring is 14 to 16 gauge. The smaller the number, the thicker the wire.

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