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Good martial arts movies 1990-2014?

My favourite martial artsists/actors: Donnie Yen, Jet Li and

Jackie Chan.

Martial arts movies I have already recently seen: Yip Man,

Yip Man 2, Fearless, Kiss of the Dragon, 13 Assassins, 14 Blades,

The Raid, Legend of the Fists, Warrior, Rocky movies, Hero.

I do NOT like martial arts movies where they fly around and do very over-natural things like in: Hero, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers.

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    hahaha wow i got you.. i hope you are ready for a long *** list

    1)KL Gangster 1-2

    2)Storm Warriors

    3)Bongkok Knockout

    4)Tai Chi Zero abd Tai Chi Hero



    7)The Grandmasters

    8)The One

    9)Raging Phoenix

    10)Muay Thai Warrior (not the tony jaa version)

    11)True Legend

    12)The Protector (tom yum goong)

    13)Universal Solider (scott adkins)

    14)Ninja II shadow of a tear (one of the best)

    15)King of the streets

    16)Kill Bill 1-2

    17) Ong Bak 1-2

    18)Death Trance


    20)Azumi 1-2

    21)Special id

    22)flash point

    23)kill zone (spl)

    24)Ninja master

    25) District b-13

    26)war of arrows (awesome also)

    27)Fighting fish

    28)Bodyguards and assassins

    29)Fatal contact

    30)why dont you play in hell


    32)The Wrath of Vajra

    33)The man of tai chi

    34)the man from nowehere

    35)a company man

    36)i saw the devil



    39)commando one man army

    40)blood heat

    41)Dragon Tiger Gate

    42)Muay Thai Fighter

    lol if you want more let me know.. none of those have magic or flying.. those are just some good hand to hand or weapon movies.. i collect martial arts dvds.. i got plenty more good movies but they have some flying and magic

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    Unleashed- Jet Li, Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins. Bad *** movie!

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