Information on Hawksbill Sea Turtles help? Interesting facts, why they are extinct and Geographical location.?

I have to make a Biology book cover for my text book and we had to pick an endangered species to do it on. I chose the Hawksbill Sea Turtle. I need help with finding interesting facts (2 of them) and everything I find is boring. I also need to find why they are extinct and their geographical location. FHE PERSON WHO HAS THE MOST INTERESTING FACTS GET'S THE 10 POINTS!:) Good Luck!

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    - mouths which resemble a hawk's beak

    - longish heads become narrower near their mouths and their lower jaw is V-shaped

    - when very young, their shell is heart-shaped

    - the scutes, or scales, on its shell are beautiful - streaks of brown and black - "tortoise shell" - jewelry

    - shells change color slightly according to water temperature

    - adults - elliptical-shaped shell, which can be orange, brown or yellow

    - baby hawksbill - born on the beach

    - young hawksbills take shelter in weeds

    - larger - shelter in the ledges and caves of coral reef

    - eat the sponges which are found on reefs, small invertebrates and algae

    - most tropical of all sea turtles

    - have found a new place to live inshore estuaries and mangroves - perhaps a new survival tactic (?)

    - after courtship and mating, it's nesting time for the female hawksbills

    - six month nesting season between July and October

    - nests between two to four times each season

    - female crawls out of the sea - digs a pit ("nest") - 100-200 eggs - covers them with sand/vegetation

    - satellite tracking system used on these turtles

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