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125 cc bikes in india for long distance should have great comfort?

Hi Team,

I am looking for 125-150cc bikes in India, My height is 166cm weight 64 and age:27.


1.) Should have great comfort(no backpains -would be travelling around 90km /day or 4 hours up and down)

2.) Good handling + brakes

3.) Decent mileage

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    125 cc bikes are not really durable for a long ride.a 150 cc suites the need.hero hunk is the option you should choose.hunk provides all the features you back pain as it has a steppedup seat and a clip on handle bar to hold properly.the hunk will suite the 90km ride as it does not vibrate even at 80kmph and above as pulsar 150 which vibrate at good,the hunk will not have overheating problem and a engine out of breath mean to say that engine running hot.pulsar 150 overheats in such also has a digital metre to provide information such as oil temp,rpm,battery, has good handling and comes with a disc brake fitted in front and dual disc brake as an option.decent mileage of 50-52kmpl on highway.but in terms of mileage pulsar wins it gives 55kmpl on highway and bajaj claims to have 65kmpl*.overall you should choose hunk.

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    I think you can go for Hero Glamour 125CC Bike.It's a very fuel efficient bike and you can travelling more than 100 km per day without arise any physical is very much comfortable.150 cc Hunk is not fuel efficient can go 50 Km / 1 litre using Hero glamour.

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    7 years ago

    unicorn is the best one

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