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vet medicine course in Trinity College Dublin - beneficial subjects? ( Ireland )?

I have to have Chemistry. What other two subjects would be somewhat beneficial? I need one more science anyway so it's either biology or ag science.

Thanks for any answers=)

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    I checked the Trinity website www.tcd.ie and they don't seem to do veterinary medicine. They do zoology as the specialist 3rd and 4th year area of a science degree.

    Google says the only place in Ireland doing vet medicine is UCD. They don't even do it in Queen's, Belfast (but they do zoology). The UCD website http://www.ucd.ie/vetmed/undergraduateprogrammes/ also says

    UCD Veterinary Medicine has the only centre for veterinary education in Ireland

    Requirements are

    Leaving Certificate: Passes in six subjects including English, Irish, a third language, Mathematics, Chemistry (Min HC3) & one other recognised subject. Two of the six subjects must be minimum HC3.

    It doesn't say that your other HC3 subject has to be a science subject, so either biology or ag science would be fine. Ag science might be easier for you to get a HC3 in.

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  • Orla C
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    6 years ago

    TCD doesn't do veterinary medicine, UCD does the only Vet course.

    Many Veterinary students in Ireland actually study in Budapest, Hungary.

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