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Tom S
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Tom S asked in TravelIrelandOther - Ireland · 6 years ago

vet medicine course in Trinity College Dublin - beneficial subjects? ( Ireland )?

I have to have Chemistry. What other two subjects would be somewhat beneficial? I need one more science anyway so it's either biology or ag science.

Thanks for any answers=)

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  • 6 years ago
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    I checked the Trinity website and they don't seem to do veterinary medicine. They do zoology as the specialist 3rd and 4th year area of a science degree.

    Google says the only place in Ireland doing vet medicine is UCD. They don't even do it in Queen's, Belfast (but they do zoology). The UCD website also says

    UCD Veterinary Medicine has the only centre for veterinary education in Ireland

    Requirements are

    Leaving Certificate: Passes in six subjects including English, Irish, a third language, Mathematics, Chemistry (Min HC3) & one other recognised subject. Two of the six subjects must be minimum HC3.

    It doesn't say that your other HC3 subject has to be a science subject, so either biology or ag science would be fine. Ag science might be easier for you to get a HC3 in.

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  • Orla C
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    6 years ago

    TCD doesn't do veterinary medicine, UCD does the only Vet course.

    Many Veterinary students in Ireland actually study in Budapest, Hungary.

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