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1. Minimum Charge for Maximum Service.


by.Conrad Nicholson Hilton康拉德˙希爾頓

2. 在經營飯店方面,客人比經理更高明

by.Ernest Henderson歐內斯特˙韓德森

3. Marriott連鎖旅館的理念是People are Number one.

和國內外有關正面勤學的名言佳句 ~

麻煩了,謝謝 !

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    1、For things to change, I mustchange first. 要改變,就要先改變自己。 2、If it is to be, it is up to Me. 從我做起。 3、YOU are the hotel ……because you are the person who is going to help fill his or herneeds. 你就代表酒店,因為你是幫助客人滿足其需求的人。 4、Every call is the first call ofthe day. 每一次接觸客人都是今天的第一次。 5、If you are not serving thecustomer, your job is to serve somebody who is.如果你不是為客人服務,那麼你是在為服務客人的人服務。 6、Simple rule for success, Walk theExtra Mile. (Always do what is required PLUS a bit more.) 成功之道:總是做得比期望的多一點點。 7、It doesn‘tmatter whether the customer is right or wrong. It matters how they feel. 客人對與錯並不重要,重要的是他們的感覺。 8、The customer may not always beright, but they should be treated right.客人也許並不總是正確的,但是他們應該得到正確的對待。 9、It's the little things thatmatters.小事會影響客人的感受。 10、Do ordinary things extraordinarywell. 小事也要力求完美。11、Anger is one letteraway from Danger. 跟客人生氣時,離危險就不遠了。 12、Our customers judgeus by, What we say, How we say, What we do.客人是通過我們說什麼、怎麼說、做什麼來判斷我們的。 13、Learn from yourmistakes, but never repeat them. 要從錯誤中吸取教訓,不要重複錯誤。 14、Be a thermostat nota thermometer. 要像恒溫器,不要像溫度計。 15、A happy experiencebegins with attitude. 好的感受來自於好的態度。 16、Under promise butover deliver. 所提供的服務要比所承諾的好。 17、Do what you do well,and do it better every day. 做你所擅長的並且每天都要做得更好些。 18、Each day I eitherget better or worse. The choice is mine. 每天我會變好也會變壞,這完全取決於我自己。 19、Warning, Customersare perishables. 警告:客人極易消失。 20、No customer can beworse than hard customer. 苛刻的客人比沒有客人強。

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