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So many things happened to me today that are very overwhelming. Everything correlated with each other in a way that couldn't have been,other than fate...how Strange, it is to be anything at all ,i am going through a very crazy time in my life right now but i would like you to know that your message today was oddly yet perfectly timed, And something that i needed very much,something as little as that and you didn't even know probably,I am not a good person,i have done bad things to myself and to my family and to everyone around me it seems,...The deepest part of me wants to feel what it is to be free,i am in search of something that i do not know. I hope that i can be as big an influence on someone as you have on me....You should worry less about your appearance.What i see is perfect.. ...Tonight i walked in my mothers footsteps,she was walking late at night home from a friends house and this bothers me,although she can take care of herself and is a grown woman,i worry about her,probably much like she worry's about me. The moderator on that website is not a very good moderator.Those camera's probably see a lot more bad things than i can fathom.I am saddened that something as amazing and life progressing as the internet is abused.I have been guilty.I want to and need to change who i am not.Forgive me if this has been confusing.^^

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    今天發生了好多事, 讓我有點不知所措. 每件事都跟另一件息息相關, 對於這樣的盤根錯節, 我只能說, 一切都是注定好的. 每一件事情都是那麼奇怪. 我現在正經歷著生命中一段很瘋狂的時期, 但我想讓你知道, 你今天傳訊息的時機雖然很詭異但就是那麼完美. 類似這些不起眼的小事, 就是我當時非常需要的. 有件事你可能甚至不知道, 我並不是一個好人, 我對我自己, 對我的家人, 甚至似乎對我周遭每一個人, 都做過壞事. 我內心深處想要感受自由是什麼樣的感覺. 我在尋找一個連自己也不知道是什麼的東西. 就如同你對我的影響一樣, 我也想對某個人造成影響. 你不必擔心你的外表, 在我眼中你是完美的. 今天晚上我媽媽從朋友家回來時已經很晚了, 這讓我感到很困擾. 我擔心她, 可能正如同她擔心我一樣. 那個網站的主持人並不是一個很好的主持人. 那些攝影機看到的壞事可能比我所能理解的還要多. 對於像網際網路這種神奇並且隨著生活進步的東西被濫用, 我是相當難過的. 我一直都有罪惡感. 我想要, 而且需要讓自己變成不一樣的人. 如果這些話讓你有些難以理解, 請原諒我.

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