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一段英文求譯 (than的用法)

individual resonant circuits are often coupled together to produce more attenuation

at certain frequencies than would normally be available with a single resonator.


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    It uses "than", because in the sentence it has "more attenuation". It is similar to:

    My wife makes more money than I (do).

    He has more opportunity than ever.

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    This "attenuation" can apply to many different fields: light, earthquake, electromagnetic, radio … Since it doesn't indicate the application, so I can just use "衰減" as a general term to translate.

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    Even though it mentioned "circuit," but it can still be in different fields. All it says is to indicate the source, not the application.

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    There are many different types of attenuation:

    sunlight is attenuated by dark glasses,

    X-rays are attenuated by lead, or

    light and sound are attenuated by water

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    For someone whose Chinese isn't fluent, you sure commit a lot of Chinglish errors.

    "Even though" and "but" in the same sentence. ("Because" and "so")

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