How to be gay and safe in lebanon?

I was thinking about visiting Lebanon, I'm 1/8th Lebanese and my family or I know nothing about Lebanese culture I was raised american and I'm 16 turning 17.

I'm aware that it is illegal but I've heard that the law seems strict but you can get out of it or it's rare they catch you?

But I need a definite answer, If they even suspect I'm gay will I get arrested in the country at my age?

How can I avoid that, if I'm holding a girls hand will they accuse me?

should I not even go? (I know stupid question but I would like to go once)

should I hide it completely?

How strict is it?, I've heard stories that it is not as strict as it sounds but I don't know.

Thank you everyone have a nice night :).

If you want to judge I allow it I honestly don't care


i'm a girl by the way lol.

Update 2:

Thank you so much guys, Lebanon is a great country and I believe they are working on it compared to other countries where you can get beheaded like arabia for being gay, I just want to be safe.

the only thing that I dislike about lebanon is this homosexual judging and law.

but thanks guys!.

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  • 6 years ago
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    The law is ambiguous regarding homosexuality in Lebanon,it is neither legal nor illegal, the law condemns unnatural sexual acts but many judges refuse to consider homosexuality as unnatural(since it exists in nature),and a few months ago the Lebanese Psychiatric Association and the Lebanese Psychological institution declared that homosexuality is not a disease and cannot be cured,so most probably no judge would consider it illegal to have homosexual acts.

    Now that is in theory. Practically,no one gets arrested for being homosexual.

    All of those who answered here have misconceptions, Beirut is known to be gay-friendly,there are gay bars in Beirut, there are openly gay bloggers,we have a gay rights NGOs ( HELEM),they make events... There is an openly gay singer who reached the top of the pink list,Hamed Sinno,he psings in a band called mashrou' leila.

    A few months ago,the police bullied gays in a gay bar in Beirut but all the local media attacked the police and now they do not dare to touch another gay.

    Do not go around telling people about your sexual orientation,you can hold a girl's hand no one would suspect it is an expression of affection. Do not go on kissing in public(though i wouldn't mind lol) though, if a straight couple does it,it is considered rude,so it is much worse if a gay couple does it.

    I'm not saying it is heaven for gays here,but it is not that bad, improvements should be made of course.

    Check those out


    I was talking about Beirut,and i think i made it clear,there are other cities as well but of course she shouldn't go to tripoli or Dahyeh,even my Muslim friends do not go there lol. And i also said that she shouldn't show affection in public even in Beirut because it is considered rude for straight couples so it is even worse if a gay couple does it. Anyways,she was mainly asking if she will get arrested which is no.


    Yayy,i keep on seeing atheists around,on the net and in real life, i think we qualify for a seats in the parliament now lol

    Source(s): Straight atheist Lebanese,hoping that one day all the religious crap be removed from the law
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  • 3 years ago


    Source(s): Home Defence Course
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  • 3 years ago

    Gay Lebanon

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  • Abb_
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    6 years ago

    Homosexuality is not as illegal as you might think ... Actually if you weren't caught practising "sexual behaviours that contradicts the laws of nature" (but most judges are not considering homosexuality as contradicting to nature) you can be condemned for being homosexual. Besides, the laws aren't that strict, in worst case scenarios (which really is unlikely to happen) you can be sent to a one year sentence in jail ...

    Also, medical wise, homosexuality was removed from the list of mental diseases by the psychiatric association in Lebanon.

    You should not be that concerned to go out in public being gay, because a lot of people in Lebanon are gay and openly so it is not a big deal ... Just be aware that sometimes you might hear some unpleasant comments but people are becoming more tolerant and minding their own business so also it is not going to be a problem for you especially if you live in Beirut or its suburbs where people in general are far more tolerating and aware of homosexuality more than other areas in Lebanon.

    Source(s): a lebanese ....
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Dude, chill.

    No one is going to lock you up, there are a lot of messed up laws here that are generally overlooked and no one follows them, though I am uncertain as to whether it is legal or not to be openly gay, but if you keep it to yourself you are going to be okay. A friend of mine is gay and another is bisexual, they have been together for some time and they have never had any trouble, though they try to keep it discreet..

    If you ever come here you will see that laws here don't mean sh*t most of the time. I laughed aloud when you said "the law seems strict" :D

    But I urge you not to go about telling everyone you are gay because most people here are homophobic turds, so please only tell people you trust..

    Don't worry about it, you are going to be fine, I have never heard of anyone being charged of being gay or anything of the sort. Best of luck and enjoy your stay.




    What if her relatives, if she wishes to stay with them, do not reside in Beirut? If she had to stay in Tripoli or the South will it be so gay-friendly then? Not that I have a bone to pick with you, but telling the girl that it'll be a piece of cake isn't the best way to go if he ends up staying at some of the more "religiously controlled" parts of Lebanon, I'm just sayin'..


    Why on Earth did I think she was a guy?

    True, but only to a certain extent. I, myself, am a former Muslim, and wouldn't go there if it meant my life :p but you're perfectly right, I just thought it'd be better if I make it clearer to her that there will be different outcomes in different places..

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Unfortunately, it is illegal in Lebanon. It is against Islam so they will make it a criminal act. You should hide it in these parts of the world. It is shocking how there is so little of the world that is accepting of this (Parts of America don't even still!) but these countries in the Middle East and South Asia are very far behind in human rights.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    This situation sucks :/ We should be free to love no matter who. But since we can't change Lebanese laws, and you want to visit the country, I think you should hide it.

    Shame on Lebanon.

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  • Jason
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    6 years ago

    they cant read minds


    they can see how you act and who you spend time with

    certainly in places like that .. stay straight!!


    tidy up your phone and laptop

    hot guy from home that you have shirtless pic as his avatar .. change it EDIT (read as you being a guy - you get the point)

    internet history of gay dating sites .. delete it

    and anything else suchlike

    can never be too paranoid in backward places

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  • 3 years ago

    Interesting question!

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    yes you need to hide this completely. if they know that you are a lesbian, then they can kill you .

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