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I'm sick all the time?

Over the past month or two I've been sick consistently. It started with a sinus infection/ear infection, then after a couple weeks I had bronchitis, then the flu, and after a week of that I got the stomach flu. I thought I was finally feeling better until I woke up today with sinus pressure, sore throat and a low grade fever. Why is this and how can I boost my immunity?

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    It sounds like you may have gotten a new infection. Try to wash your hands in soap and water several times a day and keep hand spray if you are not near a sink. Be aware of how many times a day you touch your face. Stay away from people who are sick. Eat home made meals as much as you can. Take zinc and vitamin C to help your immune system. Get at least 8 hrs sleep a day. Have you seen a Dr and gotten some antibiotics? If not go see one. Be sure to take all of them at the correct times. Hope you feel better.

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    Try activia yogart, or buy some pro biotic pills. I was very sick and I now have to be careful being around sick ppl. My immune system isn't up to par. If your cold, flu, or symptoms don't go away within the next couple weeks. Go to your Dr. it may be something more serious, that's why your cold won't go away. Take care hope you feel better soon!!

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