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Battlefield 4 xbox 360 how do you counter knife?

I know you have to have to be knifed in the front and the text pops up. my normal knife button is on 360 is the right stick. now i have been knifed in the front before and when the text popped up i hit the right stick and i still died. now do i have to mash it repetitively or do i wait until a certain minute like when his knife is about to hit me? please help. thanks a lot

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    U can counter knife if someone tries to stab u in the front. If they stab u in the sides, or back then u can't counter it. Also depends how much health u guys have if u have 100 hp and the other person you are trying to stab has 100 hp as well, the person getting stabbed is going to win, if the knifed stabs you in front. If u have lower hp than the knifer, you are most likely to not be able to counter knife. And u just have to click right stick once when the icon pops up, or just spam RS. Hope this helps!

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