I want to be an FBI hrt. I have some questions though?

I plan to be a fbi hrt one day. I want to go to an academy. Im a sophomore in high school. I have a few questions because I dont know anything about how this works so...

1. Do I go to college first? And does it matter if its a community college or university?

2. What degree does this job require? (Fbi hrt. Hostage rescue team)

3. Does the fbi have anything to do with the illuminati?

4. Can girls be an fbi hrt?

5. Is the hrt just like the S.W.A.T team?

6. What movies do you think reflects being an fbi hostage rescue to? I want to watch them lol

Also the academy is in quantico, va

thanks :)

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    Joining the FBI is very competitive. In addition to a four year degree (they are looking for computer science right now), you also would do well to serve time in the military as an officer to max out your points. Every single FBI agent that joins the HRT, first goes through their academy. Your first assignment is almost always either California or New York. You can serve a few years and try out for the local FBI SWAT team. After a few more years you can apply to join their full time HRT team.

    1. Yes university is a minimum requirement (also serve as an officer in the military after you graduate)

    2. They like science, law and technology degrees.

    3. No

    4. Yes

    5. No

    6. n/a

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    Understand that HRT (or even a police SWAT like unit) is not a full time job. You are a FBI special agent with your own work load plus you are a member of one of 7 HRT teams around the US. You are only HRT when the team is activated.

    Now you need to do a lot of reading on how to become an FBI special agent. Go to


    Read all the pages.

    1. Yes, community is fine for the first two years but for the next 2 to 4 years for the bare minimum requirement must go to a real university.

    2.. see https://www.fbijobs.gov/111.asp


    Computer Science/Information Technology



    3. This question will disqualify you from any law enforcement job, Why/. It shows you do not have the common sense, logic or critical thinking skills required to be a law enforcement officer in the US

    4. yes but women are better just as men are better than boys for the job

    5 Is the SWAT team in LAPD and Chicago PD alike? Of course not. HRT is a type of specialized team which the stupid think of as SWAT because all they understand is what they see in teh movies and on TV.

    6.. well that answers any question I would ahve about you. NO movie or fictional story or show has anything to do with real life whether it is FBI, SWAT, HRT or any local police department procedures.

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    1. First concentrate on graduating from high school, then college. Currently, the FBI is looking for computer science, law, accounting degrees.

    2. Don't worry about that until you are hired and complete the Academy, HRT is very competitive. If you have prior military operations or intel experience, that helps alot.

    3. No. And unless you really understand such organizations, don't ask.

    4. Yes. FBI refers to men and woman as "agents" not Mr. or Mrs. or boy and girls.

    5. Similar, but at the federal level.

    6. Movies are mostly fiction. Being an agent is sometimes boring unless you are in the field, even then could be boring and spending time travelling.

    Applying to be an FBI agent is very very competitive. Many steps: application, interview, polygraph, physical, academy etc etc. It all depend on the needs of the Bureau and the federal budget. Currently there is not approved budget so the Bureau has delayed hiring both agent and support personnel. You could wait over a year to get hired and sent to the Academy.

    Its important to stay out of trouble, keep your finances straight, and get good grades.

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