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Rate for OFF PEAK Hours Electricity in Rhode Island in 2014?

I am currently leasing an electric vehicle, which takes 4 hours to recharge. The vehicle has the ability to choose specifically what 4 hour period to turn on the charger to recharge the vehicle.

The question is very simple:

Do electrical providers in RI have the ability to offer people a better electrical rate if they are able to use electrical power when other RI residents do not?

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    What you are referring to is known as "Time of use metering." This requires a special electric meter that will keep track of the time of day. During off peak hours at night a special rate lower rate that is often 1/2 the daytime rate is charged. Installation of such a special meter is advantageous to utilities who would like to encourage you to charge your vehicle at night when there is unused generating capacity and not during the day when generating capacity is in demand. They would not install such meters for everyone because most people do not have a need for electricity at night. Industrial users and sometimes people with electric water heaters sometimes have them as well as those with electric cars. It is up to the utility to provide the service and you will have to contact them directly.

    If your vehicle will recharge in 4 hours it is likely a hybrid with a reasonably small battery. Because the battery is relatively small you may not find it economical to install special metering / charging equipment. Likewise the utility may have some amount of minimum expected demand to install the special equipment. Contact your utility provider.

    This should not be confused with "net metering" which is used by some who may generate some or all of their own electricity with a wind generator or solar panels. In this case the customer pays the net difference between what is generated and what is used from the utility.

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