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Baby has an ear infection any suggestions?

My baby is very fussy if she's not sleeping she's crying a lot I already got her antibiotic but its only the first day I give it to her she also has no appetite :/ any tips? She's 5 months old

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    Antibiotics will start to work in about 24 hours, not on the first dose or first day.

    Nurse on demand for the immunities and antibodies. Use Motrin for pain and inflammation . Call your doctor for dosage information and approval.

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    aww poor bubs :( Can you give her any children's panadol? Lying down might be painful for her particularly on the side of the infection, so you might want to position her so she's not putting pressure on the infected ear and elevate her head a little. If she's feeling sick she probably won't want to eat but do keep offering her milk and in particular, water. A day off her food won't do her any harm but it's important that she stays hydrated.

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