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Safe Online Tutors? HS?

For hs

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    Tutoring is hard work. You're probably not going to find much that is both "reliable" and "cheap." If you locate a tutor who doesn't expect to be paid a lot, chances are that the individual is not a very good tutor, and the "explanations" you get from this person won't be trustworthy or helpful. A good, dependable tutor is going to be expensive. Consider whether you would allow yourself to be operated on by a doctor who had a sign on the door reading "Cut rate surgery!! We'll slice you open for practically nothing!!" I doubt that you would have that doctor touch your body. Isn't your mind just as valuable?? If you are able to bump into an online tutoring service, and you don't get charged a lot to take advantage of it, you should probably be suspicious about whether you are being tutored correctly or accurately.

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