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What are some good unaccompanied pieces for flute with contrasting movements?

I am auditioning for a non-major college orchestra this coming fall, and I wanted to prepare, but I am not familiar with many unaccompanied pieces.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Here is a portion of a list I use with my students. I also strongly suggest that you go to and purchase their booklet that is a guide to repertoire for the flute, listed by difficulty grades. There are also many other good flute literature reference books, and some publishers and dealers will also have their own listings. Try

    Bach, C.P.E. Sonata in A Minor for Solo Flute

    Bach, J.S. Partita in A minor for Solo Flute, BWV 1013

    Bach, J.S./ Mols Twenty Concert Studies (any 2)

    Bennett Sonatina

    Berio Sequenza

    Bhatia Night Music for SoloFlute (International Opus) U

    Bozza Image pour flûte seule (Leduc) U

    Brown Trillium (Quetzal) UX

    Clarke, Ian The Great Train Race

    Colquhoun Charanga

    Dahl Variations on a Swedish Folk Tune

    Dick Lookout

    Dick Afterlight (MMB) UXONB

    Dick Fish Are Jumping (MMB) UXN

    Dohnanyi Passacaglia, Op. 48

    Dominutti Specchi “comme dans un miroir” (Leduc) UXN

    Dubois Incantation and Dance

    Feld, J. Quatre Pieces (any 3)

    Ferroud Trois Pieces (various) U

    Francaix Suite

    Fukushima Mei per flauto solo (Zerboni) UX O opt

    Fumet Interpolaire

    Higdon, J. Song for Solo Flute

    Hindemith Acht Stücke für Flöte allein (Schott) U

    Honegger Danse de la Chèvre (Salabert) U

    Hoover Kokopeli (Papagena) U+J2

    Hoover Winter Spirits (Papagena) U

    Ibert Pièce pour flûte seule

    Jolivet Cinq Incantations

    Kuhlau Divertissements, op. 68 (with piano, various; flute alone, Peter

    La Montaine Sonata for Flute Alone (Broude) any 3

    Lantier, P. Trois Pieces (all)

    Liebermann Eight Pieces for Solo Flute (4 contr.)

    Liebermann Soliloquoy

    Liebermann Soliloquy

    Marais Les Folies d’Espagne (various) U

    Ohana, M. Quatre Improvisations (1,2,4)

    Paganini, N. Caprice No. 23

    Persichetti, V. Parable, Op. 100

    Piazzola Tango Etudes #3 & 4

    Ran East Wind

    Rivier, J. Virevoltes

    Sigurbjornsson Kalais

    Sollberger Riding the Wind, 2,3,4

    Takemitsu Voice

    Telemann Twelves Fantaisies - any one complete

    Varèse Density 21.5 (Kirby) U

    Vasks Landscape With Birds (Flute Music by Soviet Composers [AMP/Schir

    Source(s): Professional flutist/teacher/adjudicator since 1973.
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  • Mabe
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    6 years ago

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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