Am I fat ...165 cm , 53.5 kg ?

Ok I need to know now - am I fat - . I am 15 yrs old , I weight 53.5kg and I am 165 cm in height roughly 5ft 5, I need to know if I am a-overweight and b - need to diet . I work out every night isn't home , and I don't eat breakfast or lunch during school days ? I am a size 8 in loose clothing and a size 10 in fitted clothing . Am I fat ? I look in the mirror and think I am but my friends at school look at me when I say that and role their eyes - they are smaller than me . I'm really confused and in confident - should I cut my meal times down or what ?

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  • 7 years ago
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    At fifteen I understand it can be difficult to be confident and comfortable with your body, especially if your friends are smaller than you. Everyone at fifteen feels this way and believe it or not some of your smaller friends may be insecure about their bodies as well. try talking more to them if this is really an issue for you they may just think your joking at the moment.

    However if you want a more scientific answer to you question your body mass index is a healthy 19.7. for 15 this is perfect an in no way 'fat'. I would recommend having breakfast and lunch to get the vitamins and minerals you need throughout the day for concentration at school. But in short NO YOU ARE NOT FAT

  • Julia
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    7 years ago

    BMI = 19.65 kg/m2 (Healthy weight)

    normal BMI range: 16.3 - 24 kg/m2

    normal weight range for the height: 44.4 - 65.3 kgs

    Your wt is fine you are healthy, neither fat nor too thin. Its not good to be skipping 2 meals a day during the week. Eat a small amount regularly.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    No,'re not fat.

    Remember that you're growing up and you need to have your breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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