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Worried about taking care of my child ?

Hey guys recentlly my wife became pregnant and im a tech and i get paid flat rate and im worried that on the days im not getting so much work its gonna affect me and supporting my familly but my wife works as well so it backs me up she is a dental asstiant. And all im worried about is ny child i love my job i just hate when its slow i work for honda. But what tips would u guys give ne

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    Take a financial planning class. Cut your expenses. Look on pinterest for ideas on saving money on baby look at things like upcycled clothing. Nix the Alcohol expense and cut out cigarettes and any other expensive habits and cut down on expensive hobbies. Cut Cable and opt for Hulu or Public Television. Buy your kids used clothing at yard sales and wash in hot water when you get home. Make your own laundry detergent out of soap it takes 5 min and .50 cents to make 100 loads worth. Almost never buy new. Wait to make purchases till things go on sale. Work overtime while you can to save while you can't work but don't forget to. When you have multiples, daycare can get expensive if family members aren't doing it at a discount or for free switch up roles. If you can't get a job be a stay at home dad. It was the best year of my husbands life: being a stay at home father. So make more if you can, Cut down on expenses. Pay off any debts while you still can. If possible make larger car payments or mortgage payments. We moved to a less expensive are of the country where we now pay $420.00 a month on our mortgage on a house instead of $1,375.00 a month on a two bedroom apartment and things cost less in the store. Don't cut expenses on a breast pump because formula is $100.00 a month, probably more now since I haven't bought it in two years and everything else has gone up. My kids never had a crib we had them sleep in a play yard. I bought a play yard for $10.00 at a yardsale (it was the $150.00 version in store) and hosed it out. I bought a cradle for $8.00 at a yard sale (It was an $80.00 one). I bought an infant car seat for $5.00 (worth $40.00-$80.00 new) a toddler car seat for $5.00 (worth $75.00) and a booster seat for $3.00 (worth $13.00 new) And none of them had expired making the plastic brittle and unsafe in case of an accident. Use twin flat sheets tucked under firmly as crib or play yard sheets, Do buy a vinyl mattress protector for your mattress to avoid the expense of a new one breast milk, pee and poop and whatever other babies do will mess it up. My brother's baby registry totaled over $2,000.00 but most of that stuff he doesn't need. Babies don't need special towels or wash clothes and I use a tsp of baking soda to 8 oz water to make a tear free baby shampoo that is dermatologist recommended hypoallergenic and I don't have to fight with my kids over suds in their hair. Seriously have your wife use pinterest in takes 20 min to upcycle a T shirt into a kids night gown or dress .

    Source(s): We went from making $80k a year between the two of us while in the military to $27k a year once we got out living on one income while I go to school
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    What state are you from? Have you looked into your state's income guideline for childcare assistance program? And had your wife registered with Wic? Wic is very easy to sign up, usually they only need 1 income. It may be a little harder for childcare but have you thought of using your parents or her parents as babysitters & compensate them a flat rate? (I use my Fil & I only give him $20 a week & he's happy)

    Always look on the bright side. XD

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    Have your wife quit her job, after the baby is born, and let her stay home to care for your child.

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