What's wind release mean? (Naruto )?

Ok there's like earth release, wind release In naruto. What does it mean? Is it like a kekki genki or what? Please tell me

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    Wind release is a chakra nature. There are five kinds of chakra nature Fire,Water,Earth,Wind,Lightning.

    Wind release is when the jutsu uses wind style chakra.

    Naruto has Wind style Chakra,This means he can use wind jutsus. His Rasenshuriken is a Wind release Jutsu.

    Fire is strong against Wind. Weak against Water.

    Water is strong against Fire. Weak against Earth.

    Earth is strong against Water. Weak against Lightning.

    Lightning is strong against Earth. Weak against Wind.

    Wind is strong against Lightning. Weak against Fire.

    Change in Chakra Nature+Change in Chakra form = Jutsu.

    The Change in Chakra form is the shape of the Jutsu. The Change in Chakra Nature is the Elemental release which is is used.

    A kekkei Genkai is formed when two of these element are combined. For Example Yamato or 1st Hokages wood release is formed by Water+Earth release.

    If you use 3 of these element it become Kekkei Touta. Kekkei touta is an advanced level of Kekkei genkai.

    3rd Tsuchikage Ohnoki and 2nd Tsuchikage Mu uses Particle style which is a Kekkei touta.


    Don`t mistake this thing with the Doujutsus. Doujutsu are Sharingan,Byakugan,Rinnegan. They are Kekkei genkai but are Eye techniques but are not Classified as chakra elements and are not combined.

    Also Eternal mangekyo Sharingan or Mangekyo sharingan are levels of sharingan and NOT some thing Combined.So These are absolutely different from a shinobi`s kekkei genkai of any release.

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    Fire, wind, earth, water, lightning are all releases in Naruto. They're all nature transformation which requires a large amount of chakra control. It's basically someone's abailty to take their chakra and turn it into one or more of those 5. Just like how Kakashi and Sasuke can take their chakra and turn it into lightning. (Kakashi also uses earth and water he doesn't use fire in the manga but he does in the anime. Sasuke can also use fire) Advanced shinobi can have more than one transformation.

    Fire is strong against wind, but is weak against water.

    Wind is strong against lightning, but weak against fire.

    Lightning is strong against Earth, but weak against wind.

    Earth is strong against water, but weak against lightning.

    Water is strong against fire, but weak agaisnt Earth,

    There's also shape transformation. Which is kinda like nature transformation. Basically instead of an element it's a shape. It's someone's ability to take their chakra and turn it into any shape.

    These transformations can be combined. For example, Naruto likes to use the rasengan. He takes his chakra and turns it into a sphere, then he adds in his wind release to it can be more powerful.

    It's kekkei genkai. Basically that's an inherited ability. Like the Uchiha clan's Sharingan. No one can outside the clan can naturally have that eye, but the eye can be given to others. Hence why Kakashi has one. Or Byakugan which Hinata's clan has. Another example would be Wood release. Wood release is water and earth release combined into one. Just like the rest this can also be given to others. Like Yamato he's not blood related to the original wood release user, but it was given to him so now he can use it. The ability to combine elements and do things like wood release are considered kekkei genkai also. There are many different types of kekkei genkai.

    I suggest if you're really interested check up the naruto wiki, start reading the manga, and/or continue with the anime.

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    There are five chakra types. Wind, Lightning,fire, water, and earth. Each shinobi has a certain type of chakra. Naruto is a wind type, as are Asuma Sarutobi and Temari, which is actually quite rare. Some can use multiple ones, like Yamato. He can use earth and water. Fire is superior to wind, yet wind is superior to earth. Earth is superior to water, and water is superior to fire, yet inferior to lightning.

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    Wind release? Another name for a fart, obviously.

    But seriously, check the internet or better yet... read the manga/watch the anime.

    Alternatively you could just pay attention to what sort of technique is executed after they say the phrase. Like "Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu!" lo and behold... a FIREball comes out! After he said "Fire Release"! Amazing!

    Source(s): Logic is a wonderful thing.
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    Everyones Chakra has an elemental Nature.. Kakashi has lightning, Saskue has fire/lightning, Nartuo/Asuma has wind, they can add these elemental affinties to their attacks to make them stronger

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