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Angela asked in PetsFish · 6 years ago

I accidentally poked my fishes eye; she is a moor Goldfish?

Hi :)

Well...I did a really stupid thing. I poked and injured my moors eye. I felt my nail go in her eye. Immediately I took my hand out of the tank. Scared the *&^% out of me.

I was doing my weekly water change and I was taking out the sponge filter to clean it so it would not clog. Usually my fish go away during a water change. I don't usually ever touch my fish (Only one I hand feed every now and then, however, I never touch her either; the others avoid me and I don't touch them.

She got scared and Goldfish, it seems that they are not slow at all when they are scared, she rushed out fast. I did not even see her coming and I scratched her eye. I am not sue why she got scared or how she even got near my hand because she was on the opp side of the tank :/

It felt like touching jelly o_0. So now she has this really bad red mark on her eye. I completed the water change and I am keeping the water as clean as I can. No blood, No broken blood vessels her eye looks somewhat OK; just her scratch mark on her eye. Minimal damage I would say, but still poor thing.

Now I am bit afraid to take anything out of the tank now. How does a big fat Goldfish move so quickly?

Anyways anything else I can do to help her recover?

I have per-filters in all the filters to avoid eye injury and here I go and do that to my fish. It was an accident, but one that I not like to repeat again. Me being careless and stupid...stupid...stupid...I hate injuring my own fish. I suck!!!

Has this happened to any of you guys? Scared the %^&* out of me. I will continue to monitor her. She is the oldest in the tank and I would hate for any infection to spread in her eye.




I am an adult and seeking help; not to be lectured. Yes I did a horrible thing to my fish, but I assure you she has everything she needs. Animal abuser? lol She has a big tank and she has very good filtration. I do take care of what I own, which are all fish. I am seeking help. Thanks for your undesired input.

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    6 years ago
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    Sorry to hear about your Goldfish it was an accident and accidents do happen believe me .

    I once sucked up by accident whilst doing a water change a Cory and damaged its fins luckily it recovered.

    But as you keep your Tanks parameters perfect water quality alone will help and you could add some stress coat to help as well.

    Dont beat your self up over it accidents do happen Your Black Moor will recover .

    Please dont give your self such a hard time .

  • 6 years ago

    dont worry hun accedents happen and i understand that it was not at all your fault keep an EYE on him if it gets worse then talk to the vet. (when i brought some new fish home one jumped out when i left the room for a few seconds to get the net he went behind the cooker i thought i lost him but apart from swimming backward for ten miniutes he was fine.)

    Good luck.

  • 6 years ago

    This has not happened to me, I guess I might've over fed it or something cause he sunk and died in a day. You should let the fish's body take care of itself and do not worry. Unless it gets worse.

  • 6 years ago

    You are a animal abuser whats if u were the fish God dang Kids are idoits these days

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