I need comebacks!! This is urgent GIRLS?

There are these 2 guys at my school the are kinda like my guy friends but it's iffy and we were all taking personality disorder test and I took mine and it said I'm kinda narsasistic and now like when I'm looking at myself or just doing something they scream "narsasist" or "narc" and I'm blonde so they make fun of me like that I'm stupid like today I was like you guys are so stupid and they were like your stupidity must be rubbing off on us and I just know how to respond to get them to shut up??

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  • Helga
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    7 years ago
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    Tell them that if they say one more thing, you'll cut off their balls in their sleep and shove them down their moms throat!!


    Were u guys born on te highway, cause that's where most accidents happen

    You know, they could use your face in war, it'd be the most deadliest weapon

    Seriously? That joke is older than dinosaurs

    If I'm stupid, you guys must be the most idiotic, retarded people in the universe

    Stop trying to be the man your mother is

    I'd punch you but that would be animal abuse

  • All they want is a reaction. Just completely ignore their existence. They're obviously not good friends. If that doesn't work, kick them.

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