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Should Al Jefferson rep the East in Allstar game over Roy Hibbert?

I understand that Hibbert is the most valuable piece to what makes the Pacers championship contenders. But he is so inconsistent despite being all-around solid. Meanwhile, Al Jeff signed a max deal with Bobcats usually this means that a player would not give it his all afterwards. Especially, with Jefferson who's desire has been quetioned in the past. Jefferson is a much better scorer and doing a better job on the boards than Hibbert statistically. Many people would say that is because Hibbert has other scoring and rebounding options than Jefferson does. Also, Jefferson is bad on defense while Hibbert is an all-nba defender. This is true, but Jefferson at 18/7 may do the unthinkable and lead Charlotte into the playoffs.

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    Sad but that's not gonna happen. Lets be honest all star game is a popularity contest. D wade is getting votes while other people should. Gordon Haywood and goran dragic should be all stars but they probably aren't because casual people vote swag fags and dumbass vote while all they know is Kobe lebron and Dwane. It really pisses me off but I keep on voting every day for the people that deserve it. Keep voting for al maybe he'll get it.

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