my ex boyfriend said really mean things to me. i feel so hurt?

i had a long distance relationship with a guy for about 2.5 months. we would text literally everyday all day, and also talked on the phone and skyped a few times. i had a hard time trusting him. anyway, he broke up with me cuz he thoughts i overreacted. he never really took responsibility for what he did. maybe the way i acted was crazy, like blowing up his phone, but i felt he never respected me. so we decided to be friends with benefits cuz i just couldn't let go. i was still in love with him. he started calling me baby again and made me feel like i was the only woman he was talking to everyday. but i suspected he was persuing this other woman on instagram. he got mad said its not true. but she had this pic posted on her profile that he sent me through a text message. the only way she could've received it is if they were texting each other. then i saw he added this person on facebook. its just some random girl from another state. so we had this big argument and stopped talking to each other. i got really upset cuz i couldn't trust him again. i felt like he had lead me on. he ended up blocking me from everything. like my number, facebook, ig, etc. i finally got in contact with me cuz i missed him and i told him i never felt like he respected me. he started telling me its hard to respect someone who isn't working and lives at home. which is true, but I'm having a hard time finding a job. just going through a tough phase in my life, but i don't think thats a reason to be so mean to me. he said so many other rude things to bring me down and started saying i could be like this girl who he has been persuing. i felt like he really crossed the line. he compared me to this woman who is the reason that he and i don't speak anymore. i don't want to be anything like her. but anyway, he went on to say all these nasty things to me. this was a few days ago. i feel so hurt, like he really tore me down. I've never had anyone be so rude to me in my life. and i can't stop thinking about everything he said. and now i can't stop going to he profile online since he started comparing me to her. how do i get through this?


i need to add that the fwb thing never did happen. i was planning to visit him, but that changed after we stopped speaking. and i wasn't going to visit him just for sex. and its not like it was some random guy. it was my ex.

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    I'm so sorry this guy disrespected you like that. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. If I were you, I would personally block everything on your social media sites that reminds you of him. Including him and the other profiles you're looking at. It's easier said than done, but do no contact him either. You're just going to hurt yourself more by doing so. I'm going through a break up as well and I've been taking one day at a time bc if I think about the following week or the next day about him it hurts me even more. Idky but looking up break up quotes make me feel better as well. It may not sound like a fun thing to do but it does make you think while reading some of them. Everything does take time though, so as much as it sucks now, in time you will heal and have moved on. Just take it day by day and do not contact him. You will become a much stronger person and you will find someone who will treat you much better and not say nasty things to you. Hang in there!

    "Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good I was actually being re-directed to something better" - dr steve maraboli :)

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    Many girls break up with their significant others, is because they need time to figure things out. Don't take it personally, if you want her back, you have to show her you can help her. If you love her then you'll let her go, that's it. Not everybody who you date in high school you end up staying with, the chances are extremely unlikely. So if she doesn't want to, then you need to let her go.

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    Want to know how to get your ex back? Change yourself. Don't worry about changing other people, worry about changing yourself. Go to

    Once you do that then you can start to worry about getting back together with your ex, other wise you will find that you are fighting about all the same things and getting no where. Do what it takes and I promise things will work out in your favor.

    The funny thing is I came to the realization that I had to change a little too late. After I was kicked out and after I was about to lose the only things that truly mattered to me - her love. A funny thing happens when we truly love someone and lose them. We do what ever it takes to get them back. For me I had to drop bad habits that had caused not only our relationship to sour but practically every other relationship I had had in the past. Not only with women, but with friends, co-workers, family, you name it.

    Which is why I say to you as my ex at the time said to me, the only thing you can do is change yourself. Work on yourself and improve on the person that you already are. Drop the negative things in your life that don't belong there and you will see all of your relationships start to take off to new heights.

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    You can get through this by having more respect for yourself. Being friends with benefits is a meaningless sleazy situation (not a relationship), guys don't respect any girl that lets herself be used for sex.

    Fix yourself, so you can make better choices if you want a better future.

    Good luck

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  • Just simply ignore him and move on with your life.. He is trash and is not a gentelman, a real man would not do this. He is getting what he want fron you. Your giving him satisfaction by how sad your acting, don't let him do that to you. Go find youreslf a real man.

    Source(s): Fellow guy, I know how guys are and this guy is not for you
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    My spouse and i endorse utilizing to unblock sites. I've been using them since 4 years.

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