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if u were suppose to publish a colonial newspaper about john peter zenger, would you have written an article supporting him????

do u hav reason y?? id luv 2 hear....plzz help me if u can.....thx

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    He was jailed because he espoused freedom of the press. so if I was also a publisher I would probably get jailed for trying to defend him. A bolder man might keep trying to defend him but perhaps do it in a way that the authorities did not understand.

    Sort of like Marc Antony speaking about the death of Julius Caesar, "We have come to bury Caesar not to praise him" & then go on praising him.

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    The trial is important for establishing the principle of "jury nullification," which means jurors have the power to acquit if they disagree with the law, even if they think the defendant did what he is charged with. This is one of the key reasons trial by jury is a valuable right. Jury nullification became important in the US when Northern juries refused to convict people accuse of aiding runaway slaves.

    Curiously, although Zenger's lawyers were able to argue for jury nullification in his case, it is now illegal for attorneys in the US to suggest such a thing. Juries can still use their power to acquit to nullify laws, but attorneys cannot tell them they can.

    Zenger's position was that it was not libel to tell the truth about the official acts of those in public office. This is now a recognized principle in American law, but at the time libel was just saying anything bad about anyone.

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    Peter Zenger's case is cited as the basis for the U.S. emphasis on freedom of the press. Anything I had to write about his efforts would be laudatory.

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