good place for a boating holiday in the UK?

hiya does anyone know of a good place for a boating holiday in the UK?

Links would be useful. Thank you in advance :)

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    This could mean anything from ocean racing/cruising, coastal cruising; canoeing and camping; dinghy sailing/camping; narrowboating on canals and rivers; motor cruising on inland waterways; day-sailing from a houseboat; white-water canoeing … to simply rowing up the Thames in a camper-frame skiff much in the manner of Jerome's "Three Men In A Boat"!

    To make a wild guess, I should advise that you could do no worse than hire a yacht (if sailing) or a motor cruiser on the famous Norfolk Broads¹. (Or, of course, a houseboat with a dinghy, for day sailing).

    Prices vary enormously and are primarily dependant on the time of the season and the size of the vessel (rated on the number of berths) so I will give you a link to the cheapest and best deal I, personally, have ever found on a commercial basis: to a little boatyard called Maycraft. And let you take it from there-on in!

    Maycraft based at the little river village of Potter Heigham Bridge offer for hire a thoroughbred class of motor cruiser called a 'Safari 25', ideal for two or three people and which was originally designed at nearby but now, sadly no-longer, Hampton Boats for use on these waterways for as little as £300 per week.

    See Maycraft's 'Safari 25' at:

    I give you this simply as an example of a boat that is around the lowest price available and yet very highly acceptable for a good-quality boating holiday in the United Kingdom. Warm; dry; comfortable, and can pass under all the bridges on the Norfolk Broads without lowering any structures.

    Look also at Blakes Holidays at:

    Hoseasons Holidays at:

    And Waterways Holidays at:

    And others. And whatever your more specific ideas - whatever you have in mind - I hope you have really nice time.


    ¹ The Norfolk Broads is a system of idyllic inland waterways in the East Anglia (Norfolk and Suffolk) region of England, UK, comprising six freshwater rivers (Waveney, Yare, Bure, Thurne, Chet, Wensum) and navigable into easy tidal reaches that are also access to a system of variously reed-fringed, tree-lined and sandy-shored lakes (called 'broads') which are the man-made flooded remains of medieval peat excavations.

    The fine, medieval city of Norwich is built at the head of navigation on the River Wensum and moorings are readily available at the Yacht Station in the centre of this lovely and important, Norman city.

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    There are many places for boating in the UK. But I like most Liverpool. There are many marinas for boating. I visited Liverpool Marina in my last holidays. Liverpool Marina is completely unique; the tranquil surroundings of these Harbourside marina berths are something that is very rarely found in the normal hustle and bustle of a major City Centre. This is a fast and exciting sport.

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    You can charter motor boats in several different sizes on many rivers and canals, both cruisers (wide and comfortable) or narrowboats (trad chic). Go to Blakes and Hoseasons websites for examples. I can recommend the Thames, coming downriver from Oxford towards London. had several really good holidays there. It's easy for a beginner, the locks are electric, lots of pubs and restaurants and nice towns to visit.

    Another option is the Norfolk Broads (again check Blakes and Hoseasons) - easy to handle motor boats, lovely countryside, nice waterside pubs and restaurants.

    If you cast your net wider, you can charter boats on the sea all round the British Isles (South Coast on the Solent or in Cornwall and Devon), Essex and Suffolk coast, Scotland, etc, Ireland Shannon river) - just Google "charter uk" to get lots more suggestions.

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    That is so open-ended. The fact that you say "boating" rather than "sailing" or "cruising" makes me think of the local amusement park. Boating at sea if you don't know what you are doing can be dangerous.

    You can go narrowboating on the canals, sailing/cruising on the Norfolk Broads, kayaking on whitewater in Wales or off the beach in Cornwall, sailing around the Solent etc. etc. There must be a ton of websites advertising various vacations.

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    Norfolk Broads Holidays , Canal Boat Holidays .

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    A great place would be taking a boat from liverpool and travelling around Isle of Man and than you can see Irland, Scotland and wales from the other side. Boating of a life time!!!!! Just like a viking!!!!!

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