how to meet lesbian or bi women ( im a girl )?

Hello, my name is chelsea and I am 19 years old. I was wondering if there are any sites or something where i could talk to lesbian or bi women. Not for anything pervy or anything like that its just that i feel kind of lost in my life and I dont really.know who i am. Im sexualy attracted to girls and sometimes i feel like.maybe I would be happier in life with one, I have always dated guys but something has always kept me.from being happy like i feel like i would get the care i need from a girl but when it.comes to.the feeling of being safe it would come from a man but then again i have never been with a girl though i have often though about it. I like watching lesbian porn its my favorite honestly but i see guys to but girls more....

i dont know like im in a relationship now with a man and have been for 2 years now but i have always kinda felt unhappy becausee he doesnt give me the care i neen he never really has honestly and he know fow i feel about it but again he doesnt man has givin me the care i feel like i need.

i just feel kost and confused :'( and it really depressing....

If you have anything you would like to tell me please feel free.

and sorry for bad spelling and all that in on my phone


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    Eh, Idk myself. Why not repost this question on LGBT section? I am into girls myself, and some say I should go to gay bar or some place like that. I don't though cause for one, I live in the Southeast Aaia, and I don't think we have all that, and reason no 2) I kinda want to fal in love unexpectedly. Like, not planned or something...have some different definition of love but but yeah. Anyway, you post this on LGBT section for better replies.

    Oh and Not craigslist like that person suggested, only creepy people looking for hookup.

    Edit: Oh right. You /did/ posted this on LGBT. My bad.

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