Druids, what are your beliefs and holidays?

I am wondering what your customs are, what deities you worship ect.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Druid (plr) are a cast within Celtic culture, and their customs and gods are those of the variouse Celtic cultures (Irish, Scott's Welsh, etc..etc..)

    A good source of basic information on Celtic customs and beliefs can be found here....http://www.paganachd.com/faq/

    There are also people who claim to be followers of "Druidry"....

    Which is a modern Neo-pagan/New age invention, and has very little to do with actual Celtic customs, and is based off of the same foundation as modern Wicca...so an occult/ceramonial magic foundation.

    There are four basic Celtic holidays....or "feast days".

    Samhain (Nov 1st)

    Imbolc (Feb 1st)

    Beltane (May 1st)

    Lughnasadh (Aug 1st)

    Source(s): Gaelic traditionalist, and Drui.
  • Seph
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    6 years ago

    Beliefs: lots of sex

    (from what I gather from my druid friends)

    They don't worship deities btw they worship nature

  • Reg
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    6 years ago

    Funny. She doesn't look Druish.

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