Covered California Service Fee??

Due to the launching of Obama Care, the state of California is offering Covered California for affordable insurance. I thought it was a free service, isn't it? A couple of weeks ago, my friend went to a Nationwide agent to purchase health insurance under Obama Care.

The agent told him since he doesn't qualify for any health insurance plans except Medi-Cal, he must pay him $50 the next time when he comes back with the confirmation letter. Isn't that illegal or consider fraud? Agent said he doesn't have to pay if he qualify for any health plans other than Medi-Cal.

Shall I report the fraud? If so, how??? Not sure where I can report agent. Please send a link if anyone knows, thx


Well, Flower, he didn't go to get Medi-cal @ first. But it was what he qualify for when agent put in his income. Well, at least that's what he been told

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    NO. You do not pay a fee to get a Covered CA plan. The only fee would be the first month's premium for nsurance. He does not have see that agent again. I never heard of Nationwide and he does not have to pay him anything. Why didnt he go to a major insurance like Kaiser or Blue Cross? If he can get Medi-Cal, he cannot purchase a plan through Covered California. If he qualifies for Medi-Cal why is he buying insurance? Of course, Medi-Cal is usually only accepted at county and non-profit clinics.

    Tell him to call any insurance agent and go in person.

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