Would these pro wrestlers add anything to TNA and ROH if they were added to either promotion?

TNA and ROH are still afloat as a promotion. They may have their issues but they are the #2 promotion (TNA) and #3 promotion (ROH) in the United States with a "World Title" status, aside of from the NWA.

Would these pro wrestlers the are "free agents" and not signed to a major promotion in the United States add anything to TNA and ROH if they were added to each promotion?

Pro Wrestlers to TNA/ Total Non-Stop Action:

Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, David Hart Smith, Vladmir Kozslov, Jimmy Snuka Jr., and Mike DeBease.

Pro Wrestlers to ROH/ Ring of Honor:

Matt Morgan, MVP, Crimson, Doc Gallows, Chris Masters, Christian York, Joey Ryan, Adam Pearce, Colt Cabana, James "Buff" Bagwell, Marshall & Ross Von Eric, Alex Shelly, Petty Wiliams, Chavo Guerrero, Devon and Elijah Burke .

Imagine these TNA matches:

A.J. Styles vs. John Morrison, Wes Briscoe vs. Mike DeBease, Bobby Roode vs. Shelton Benjamin, Kurt Angle vs. Vladmir Kozslov, Somoa Joe vs. Vladmir Kozslov, Somoa Joe vs. Jimmy Snuka Jr.,

Austin Aries vs. John Morrison, James Storm vs. Mike DeBease, Mr. Anderson vs. John Morrison,

Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison, Austin Aries vs. Shelton Benjamin, Magnus vs. David Hart Smith,

Bully Ray vs. David Hart Smith, Kenny King vs. Shelton Benjamin, and Mike Knox vs. Vladmir Kozslov.

Imagine these ROH matches:

Adam cole vs. Matt Morgan, Kevin Steen vs. Doc Gallows, Rodderick Strong vs. Christian York, Matt Hardy vs. James "Buff" Bagwell, Bobby Fish & Kyle O' Reiley vs. Marshall & Ross Von Eric,

Jay Brisco vs. MVP, Chris Hero vs. Chris Masters, Mike Bennett vs. Chavo Guerrero, Paul London vs. Joey Ryan, Tommaso vs. Crimson, Mike Mondo vs. Christian York, Matt Tavern vs. Alex Shelly,

Jay Lethal vs. Chavo Guerrero, Mike Bennett vs. Petty Williams, and ACH & Caprice Coleman vs. Devon & Elijah Burke.

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    7 years ago
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    lulz you want Buff Bagwell back. Luke Gallows is better off working in Japan as IWGP tag champion with Karl Anderson than coming back to the states.

    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    I'm in shock that Chris Hero was released from WWE NXT. Then again, I'm surprised they let many people go. On your topic though, yes. Most of those matches would be good.

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