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what do these supplements do?

So, i work at a horse farm and i normally fill the buckets wwith their amount of grain and supplements but as i was doing that today i realized i really have no idea what these supplements actually do...

So can someone explain them to me?




Slick Mix


Smart hoof(assuming this helps hooves lol)

Sand clear(i think my boss mentioned it clears ingested sand out of the intestines to help prevent sand colic?)

I know this is a dumb question but thanks!!

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  • Rosie
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    7 years ago
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    Biotin is good for skin, hair & hooves

    Flax is good for skin & hair, also has anti-inflammatories in it

    U-Guard is for ulcers

    Sand Clear, you are correct, it's for cleaning sand that has been ingested by the horse

    Slick Mix is good for the coat, and is a probiotic, which promotes gut health

    Smart Hoof, again, you are correct, it is for healthy hooves.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    A lot of that is unnecessary.

    The biotin helps with hoof growth.

    Flax helps them gain or maintain a weight, it also helps grow hair.

    Slick mix looks like it is extra fiber.

    U-gaurd is a calcium supplement.

    Smart hoof helps hove growth. It probably has biotin as its active ingredient.

    Sand clear is a huge scam and a waste of money. If horses died from ingesting dirt and sand they would have become extinct millions of years ago. They rip up grass by the roots, of course they get some dirt, and their main food source is packed with fiber, the fiber pushes the dirt out. Talk to a vet about it, they will tell you it is nothing but an urban legend.

    40 mg of biotin is about the magic number, there is no change when the dose is increased, and you are probably feeding much more than necessary. The flax is also a bit of a waste. If the horse is so high maintenance that you are feeding flax you should be looking for a better quality grain with more nutrients *** apposed to just feeding a fat filler with less nutritious grain.

    The best food for a horse is grass. That is what they eat naturally, what we should be feeding is grass mainly and then choosing supplements that they are missing because they are confined to one area and are unable to travel to find the nutrients they need.

  • 7 years ago

    Wow the first answer is correct 100 percent

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