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best place for family beach vacation? Myrtle beach or Tybee Island?

We are looking for a pretty beach (white sand, no trash) that isn't too crowded but also has stuff to do besides going to the beach. The main thing we want to avoid is a bunch of wild college kids. We have a 7 year old and 2 year old. I would love somewhere that has a big aquarium because my son loves sharks. We live in Arkansas and are wanting to go somewhere relatively close. We were thinking either Myrtle beach or Tybee Island, but i'm worried that Myrtle beach will be overly crowded, and there won't be enough for the kids to do at Tybee Island.

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    6 years ago
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    Hello, I’ve been to both Myrtle Beach and Tybee Island and based on your request I believe Tybee is the spot you want to consider. We’ve been to Tybee during their busiest times of the year and never found it to be overcrowded. Tybee is geared more towards families and not college kids. The best places on the island for families are either mid island or the North end, it’s quieter and each area has a park with activities for the kids. There is a marine science center on the island and an aquarium in nearby Savannah but I don’t know what their exhibits include. You may want to look at this site on Tybee. The site has a restaurant guide for all restaurants on the island, 20 Things to do on Tybee Island Guide, hotel guide, a business directory with local business information and maps and more.

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  • 6 years ago

    My father has an house on Oak Island NC

    It's 45 minutes away from Myrtle beach

    It's by an aquarium about 1/2 hour away Kure beach

    There are lsland and towns that are less crowed, close enough to go to Myrtle beach

    Tybee island see very nice for what I heard. A lot lay back than Myrtle beach

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