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Half Life and Portal questions?

I recently bought Portal 2,never playing the first one. I beat it and loved it. I don't quite understand the end so I figured playing Half Life would give me a better understanding. So since there's no way for me to play the first Half life since I don't have a PC or Ps2 anymore I was wondering if I can just jump into Half Life 2? I was going to purchase the Orange Box for PS3 which contains Half Life 2,Half Life 2 episode 2 and the first Portal game and Team fortress 2 which I don't care about. So my question can I still enjoy the first portal even though I've already completed the second one and can I enjoy the half life games without playing the first one? And will I have a better understanding of the Portal 2 ending?

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    Half Life and Portal - while set in the same timeline/world - have nothing to do with each other. Neither game collides with the other, aside from slight references of rival companies and the state of the world outside, such as when GLaDOS teases freedom, mocking the player of the freedom Chell cannot achieve, or Cave Johnson's ramble about Black Mesa stealing ideas originally conceived by Aperture Science.


    The ending of Portal 2 sees Chell released from GLaDOS's imprisonment. We see this as Chell leaves Aperture Science as she leaves the elevator via a seemingly uninteresting shed in a field of wheat in the middle of nowhere. As the elevator ascends, the turrets are singing a song- one that has been translated.

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    The song implies that Caroline was Chell's mother, while Caroline is GLaDOS. The video above has the translated song, if you're interested. :)

    *end spoiler*

    Playing the second game before the first does confuse the storyline a little, but otherwise, it remains an interesting game with puzzles that don't disappoint. Technically, you've scraped the surface of the first game already - the first couple of test chambers in Portal 2 are from the first game, but the chambers after waking GLaDOS are entirely unique to the sequel. ;) It's definitely worth a play-through despite completing its sequel.

    As far as Half Life 1 goes, you'd be advised to play it to understand the story or read into it to understand the events that occurred.

    The beginning of Half Life 2 continues some time after the events of the first game, but otherwise, it's merely a recommendation. Gordon Freeman is an employee of Black Mesa. That aside, neither character knows of the other's existence.

    Source(s): I have the Orange Box and enjoyed both Half Life 2, Portal and its sequel Portal 2. :)
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    I did exactly what you did; I played Portal 2 before Portal 1 and I played Half Life 2, then I got Half Life 1 for my birthday because I still own my PS2. Half Life 2 can be kind of hard to understand without 1, but I got through it perfectly fine and grew to love the game. It'll kill you that you can't play the first one, though!

    As for Portal..... All I can say is purchase it. Get The Orange Box. I beat the game in 2 days, BUT Portal is one of my favorite games. It enhances the second game because you get to see all of the inside jokes, as well as the cake and the facility before it was destroyed AND you get your own WEIGHTED COMPANION CUBE (which will not threaten to stab you!)

    Playing Portal 1 will not help you understand the end of portal 2. It will help you understand the beginning of portal 2, though. With the facility and waking GLaDOS.

    In the words of Mrs. Clackett from the play Noises Off:

    "Take the plunge; you'll really enjoy it 'ere."

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