This girl doesn't like me for no reason..?

There's this girl at my school and today she was walking behind me and then she was talking to her friend and was like " I don't like that ***** with those Slits in her shirt" like all I was doing is walking WE NEVER EVEN HAD A CONVERSATION BEFORE ! And idk why I am VERY sensitive and I cry whenever I'm sad hurt and mad . So I cried I didn't let her see tho . Then there was one more time where I sat at her table for lunch and she got there and said to her friend I stole her spot and who told me to sit there and I'm just like what did I do ? Ig i just want to know what I did and should I really be stressing over this am I thinking too hard ..? Any words of wisdom or anything ?

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    7 years ago
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    Ik exactly what you're going through. There's this girl who talks bs about everyone in my school, including myself, for no reason but people still look up to her as a "gaurdian" figure.. I am sensitive as well, anything that someone says or does hits me HARD. I cry in the bathrooms and at home in bed while listening to music. I became extremly distant with my mom and bigger bro and had MAJOR thoughts of suicide. But one day I was in class and I sat right beside her and she said "who are you?" and I turned to her and said "your not cool because you have a group of wanna be's following you and to this VERY day)that was last year) we NEVER speak in the halls and NO ONE talks about me

    My advice to you is to stand up for yourselfx dont let an ignorant b*tch stand in your way of being happy!!!!

    Good luck xx

    Source(s): Personal experience
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