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URGENT really need some advice?

I'm a 14 year old boy in high school and I've played soccer almost all my life. Throughout my whole childhood I wasn't great at school but recently I've been up on concentration medicine adderal at its helped a lot. I also played video games all my life, but I have a really hard decision to make and I need some advice. I really want to pursue my gaming career because I feel it makes me happy. The reason why the decision is hard because my father is very proud of me for playing on a great soccer team and it would kill me to let him down like that. Also I've been having a lot of school work and I'm expecting more I really need help in making the decision if I should stop soccer and pursue my gaming career or keep playing because I'm worried about me not being able to maintain good grades because I play soccer. PLEASE ANSWER!!!!

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    Ummm Let me condense this to a manageable question.

    Video games make you happy.

    Soccer makes you happy

    School has responded to concentration medication. (what medication) Thus school now makes you happy.

    Father's pride makes you happy.

    Facts. You are 14 years and under your families jurisdiction..

    Your question boils down to short term versus long term goals and how to keep your family happy with your decisions.

    You mention Gaming Career. Tell me you how have found a real career in Gaming? I was unaware of any future in gaming unless you have a great game in your mind and are writing it. The career of software writer can be a good one.

    Career in soccer? Unless you are a prodigy, there are few chances.

    School? At your age, you need to well grounded in communication skills with language. Being able to actually talk with people is fundamental to your future. Also you need a working knowledge of the country in which you live. You will also need basic math skills suited to whatever career you ultimately choose.

    Now the fly in the ointment, so to speak. The development of the teen brain. Here is a science article you need to consider.

    And one more thing to give the best help I can. Other teens also want to please their father like you. Sometimes they face dilemmas as well. Here is a source of very good information from other teens in different countries,

    Once there you will see a down loadablee handbook for teens called Young People Ask. It is a fantastic source. Plus other items on the page will interest you.

    Source(s): Common Sense
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    Just tell father now that you're older you are realizing that you need to prioritize your time and put your grades first. If he is proud of you for playing ball think how proud he will becomes when he sees you mature this way. You have the future to prepare for and it ain't soccer either for sure. I'm proud of you just for considering someones advice!

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    gaming career? video games is not a career unless you programing them.

    do the school work first then the soccer (its great exersize and you got to do some anyway) and finally round it out with some video games.

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