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What skateboard is right for me?

I really want to start skating and I was wondering what size of the deck and all of the accessories I need to start riding a skateboard! I would like to street skate if that helps with what I need. I know what decks are, bearings are, what wheels do, what stance I ride (goofy). I am 14 years old, I'm a hefty guy (150 lbs). I just want to know what would be good for me, I don't want to go too too fast and I don't know if I'll be ready to do tricks but I do know if i get this skateboard that's the only one that I will have for a longtime so I want it for a long time and for it to be useful. So if you guys could please help me that would be great! Thanks !

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    for a long time on board you should buy a recognized trade like element or plan b(you could buy a used one if you are not able to pay to much(if is too scratched a used one it doesnt matter))

    do never buy a complete selled skate(because they ask not much money on it but the object are not the best)

    you should make sure is maple(being canadian the best maple)

    many think the draw is everything but is the last thing on picking a board

    get a 8.0 in size(i dont know what measure medition is used like meter mille cm etc)but you got the point

    spitfire is not that cool


    get independent or other recognized trades


    get abec 3 or abec 5 for good speed maybe abec 9 for learning but if is for long time term dont get abec 9

    red are the best you could get

    pig is the best you can get


    get bone wheels(is not of literal bone)

    get street skate wheel size(i forgot the exact size)

    get small wheels

    grill tape

    get a clasic black not nesesarely a good trade

    that should cover your starting

    ps if you have any other question about anything to skate send me a email

    if you need info on trick what shoes use

    to fix anything on it

    or help on what to do first and next and next

    see you skater boy

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  • 6 years ago

    Person above me is a D!ckhead ^^

    Anyway I think you should get a REAL, Girl, or a DGK deck. If you dont want to go that fast get ABEC3 bearings. You may need a bigger size board maybe in the 8.0 - 8.4 deck. I recommend getting a complete if your a beginner. Like when the board is already setup to get the feel of a skateboard. Then you can get a custom deck. Where you can choose whats right for you.

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  • 6 years ago

    You should get an enjoi or krooked board those were my starting boards and yes they last a long time if u dont get them wet if u have a 9-10 size shoe (mens) get between 7.85-8.00 but if u wear a7-8 size shoe in mens get somthing between 7.50-7.85 but it really depends on ur shoe size to me at least

    Now on trucks id would get trucks the closest to the size of your board and u should get any kind of truck because trucks dont matter when u start skating

    Now on wheels you should get wheels in the fiftys other wise that do make you gain mors speed

    Now for bearings get the cheepest bearing you can find those are the slowest you can get and if u have any questions you can contact me at 1(314)282-4641

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  • 6 years ago

    * Bones Reds Bearings

    * Venture Low Trucks

    * Spitfire Wheels Size 54

    * Jessup Griptape

    * 1 inch Hardware go here and you're going see something that says purchase complete starting at 94.99 and click add to cart . Then your gonna choose the list of things at the top. Any problems just email me .

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    6 years ago

    One small enough to fit up your @$$

    Seriously skateboarding? Take up a real sport like wrestling

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